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Can’t Log in to Instagram After Changing Phone Number? – [Fix | 2019]

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Creating an Instagram account is a simple process that requires you to have an email or a Facebook account. This is important to enable you to generate a username and a password that will be required for you to log in to your account. You can do this either using the Instagram app or your computer. The process entails the steps outlined below:

Using the Instagram app

To open an account using the app, first, you have to download the application on your device. This can be done through the App Store for iPhone users and the Google Play Store for Android devices. After it is installed, click on it to open it.

  • Click on the ‘sign up with email or phone number’ for iPhone and ‘create an account’ for Android devices. You will then be required to input your phone number or Email after which you will receive a confirmation code. After entering the confirmation code tap on next. This can also be done using your Facebook account by selecting ‘log in with Facebook’.
  • You will then be required to create your profile by creating a username and password. Enter your personal information and click on ‘done’. While using a Facebook account, you will be required to log in to your account in case you are logged out.

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After successfully going through this process, you are good to go.

Using your computer

The process is much simpler when using a computer;

  • visit
  • When using your email account, input your email address and create a username and password. You can also click on ‘log in with Facebook’ to open your account using Facebook.

It is good to note that in the event you are using an email to open an account, make sure only you can access the email as you will be required to log in to it to retrieve your account in the event you forget your password.

Possible causes of trouble logging in to your Instagram account

Trouble accessing your Instagram account could be due to a variety of reasons that include;

  • In putting the wrong username or password which is a common occurrence
  • Instagram does not recognize the device you are trying to log in with and thus wants more verification
  • There is a problem in the transmission of the information from your account to the Instagram servers
  • Your account might possibly be blocked due to some reasons
  • There are problems with the Instagram servers thus they are not sending the right information back

Unable to log in after changing your phone number?

Sometimes changing your phone number might make signing into your Instagram account quite an issue. This is because the verification process involves sending the verification code which will be received by your old number. In the event the number got lost due to some reasons, retrieving the code to verify your account becomes impossible. This is true even in the event that you have your login credentials with you like the username and password.

  • In the event you lost your old number, you can enable log in by updating your information. This can be done by updating the phone number to include the one you are currently using and one you can constantly have access to. This is important to prevent another person from using your old number to access your account. It is, however, good to note that in order to update this information, you must be able to access your account either using Facebook or your email account.
  • If you signed up for Instagram using your Facebook account, then the email address should be similar to the one you used to open your Facebook account.
  • If you cannot access your Instagram account in any way, open the app on your device and input your last phone number or email you used to sign up. Click on ‘forgot password’. You can then select the icon indicated as ‘need more help’ in order to receive prompts for the necessary course of action. Follow the instructions that will be provided so as to be able to reset your account credentials.

It is advisable that before delving into the above-mentioned process, check to ensure you are typing in the correct information during the login process. Make sure to check for minor errors such as using the right symbols and cases. Get rid of unnecessary spaces as these are interpreted as information during login. It is advisable that while entering your password you make sure to clear all the details in the box before entering your password.

If you are entering the correct information but still can’t access your account, try logging in with a different device. If the process is successful with the other device then this points to an issue specific to your device or the app. Uninstall the app and switch off the phone for a few minutes to ensure no information on the uninstalled app is cached. Install the app again and try logging in a fresh. This will probably solve your issue.

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