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Should I Buy A New Car Or Consider Automotive Detailing?

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Should you be thinking about buying a new vehicle or is it better to keep the vehicle that you currently drive? We know the new car look and the new car smell and new features are all exciting, but are necessary?

In America, the average amount of time consumers keeps their cars is about 6 years. When someone 1st purchases a car, on average it takes the only 30 months or 2.5 years before they start thinking about buying a new vehicle and greatest options on the market. Unfortunately, the new car nostalgia wears off quickly even though a vehicle’s lifetime can extend to a decade or more with routine vehicle maintenance.

Consider Detailing your car equivalent to regular Maintenance

Mentions of the automotive detail process as regular and essential maintenance is essentially nonexistent. Sadly, automotive service providers rarely consider taking care of your vehicle’s interior upholstery and exterior paint job an important service. Since our economy and culture are primarily consumer-driven, we often find the grass is always greener with the new vehicle. Has anyone stopped and considered maintaining the vehicle they currently have? Would it be a financially sound practice to keep your current car longer or is it just the new norm to move on to something the moment of your heart’s inclination?

More often than not, restoring the appearance of your vehicle is a viable alternative to purchasing a new car while keeping you excited and satisfied with your vehicle for a long time. In today’s economy, you can find a very reliable vehicle to keep you on the road greater than 150,000 to 200,000 plus miles without significant issues. Trucks are especially durable vehicles reaching upward of 300,000 miles. Oftentimes, all you need is a makeover of your vehicle’s appearance to fall in love with your vehicle all over again.

Revitalize Your Vehicle With Paint Correction & Interior Detailing

Our 1st step to getting your vehicle in peak condition is to remove all the debris and substance build up on your vehicle from the environment. Once the clear coat layer a vehicle’s paint is cleaned with a good car wash and rinse, we begin our process of making your vehicle look amazing. Fenylab makes some of the best automotive detailing cleansers on the market. Combined with the use of fenylab ceramic lite as a protectant we have become one of the best ceramic coating installers around.

Aftermarket Accessories that upgrade your vehicle

Depending on your vehicle make and year Bluetooth becomes a standard feature in 2016. Since 2014 all-new vehicles were mandated to have a backup camera. Today, the next new standard feature is AppleCar play and Android Auto. Since 2017 and even today, we see automotive manufactures starting to implement this standard accessory across all models. Blind-spot monitoring is the next new standard feature on the rise, right now it’s growing in popularity like the phone sync systems and radar cruise control. In the future, as more technological features are made available to consumers, new norms for the car driving experience are going to be established. Furthermore, prompting and enticing consumers to upgrade to the next big thing.

Luckily you don’t necessarily need to get a new vehicle to keep up with the standard features of a new vehicle. Aftermarket safety features, GPS, and Android Auto or Apple Carplay audio system can be installed on any car or truck. Thus, keeping you up to date on car technology without getting a whole new vehicle.

Should You Consider Professional Detailing Services?

One certain thing, everyone always likes new and shiny objects. When you bought your current car, surely you were excited about driving it every time you needed to go to work or run an errand. Somewhere down the line… those feelings faded, and the vehicle was added to the mundane aspects of your life.

How do we go from financially committing ourselves to investing in a vehicle for several years only to get bored shortly after taking the car home? If you are going to spend 10’s of thousands of dollars on a vehicle, shouldn’t you enjoy the entire ownership experience?

The reason why we often get bored with our vehicles is due are always presented with something new and our car just doesn’t look the same as when we first made the purchase. It does not shine like it does when you take the car out of the showroom. It is never as clean as it was on the first day you bought the car. The second you eat in your car and drop food in the seats, congratulations you now have a used vehicle!

Solution #1: Since you made the investment to purchase a new vehicle, you should ensure that your investment continues to look amazing. Therefore, you can always relive the new car experience and not get distracted by the next flashy car next to you on the highway. To have your car looking like it is on display at an automobile expo, you might want to consider our automotive detailing packages or our ceramic coating installation for your vehicle. With our services, you will always be excited about your vehicle just as much as the day you bought it. You also get peace of mind and a sense of pride knowing you’ve invested a few hundred dollars by applying wax coatings that protect the appearance and appeal of your vehicle.

Solution #2: Even if you decide to get a new car, it may be time for something more up to date in terms of technology, performance, fuel economy and/or reliability. If you have already purchased a new vehicle or plan on obtaining a new sedan, SUV, Truck, boat or RV. Bring it by our car wash in Arlington, TX if you live in the area.

We often have clients that live in Grand Prairie, Mansfield, and Fort Worth stop by for automotive detailing. If you are not close to our facility, never fear. We can visit your home or place of work with our mobile detailing service. We regularly travel far west to Fort Worth, South to Burleson, North to Frisco and East of Mesquite to serve our client’s car detailing or truck detailing needs.

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