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7 Types of Granite Countertops That You Should Consider

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In America, granite’s been an immensely popular type of countertop. Not only is it beautiful, but it’s also classic and durable. With those qualities, it’s no wonder that granite has been so popular throughout the times.

Are you doing a kitchen renovation soon and are interested in granite countertops for your project? Then here are 7 types of granite countertops you should consider for your renovation.

1. White Granite

White is one of the most popular granite colors around. Typically, it has white quartz and white feldspar minerals in it; often, it also has black amphibole grains. It has a classic look and is never completely white, which means it’ll look nice and natural in your kitchen.

Because pure white doesn’t naturally occur in nature (at least for granite), if you’re looking at a white granite countertop that, it’s most likely all quartz instead of granite.

If you want something that’ll look classic for years to come, then white granite is it. It’ll have lots of natural flecks and spots that’ll give it a unique look.

Types of white granite include moon white, Bianco Antico, and river white.

2. Black Granite

Black granite is a striking way to get some contrast in your kitchen. It’s a nice and dark color, but it’s not actually made of granite. It’s actually gabbro rock, which is very similar to basalt, or it may contain other stones like diorite, diabase, norite, and anorthosite.

However, just because it’s a different type of stone doesn’t mean it’s not as durable as granite. Black granite is just as durable as other types of granitic stones. Some types include black galaxy, black pearl, and Ubatuba.

To make a good contrast with the rest of your kitchen, you should complement the black granite countertops with something like white cabinets. Or, if you want to keep the same tone all throughout, you can go with dark cabinets in similar colors, like navy blue or dark gray.

3. Black and White Granite

Why not combine the two colors from above into one? You can always opt for black and white granite countertops, after all.

In this type of countertop, it’s filled with quartz, amphibole, and feldspar in an equal ratio. This is actually the most common type of granite countertop that people purchase.

The beautiful speckled texture makes it very appealing to have in any kitchen. And because it combines both light and dark, it’s versatile, meaning you won’t have to work very hard to blend it into any new design.

4. Pink Granite

This type of granite is made of a lot of potassium feldspar, which is what gives it a salmon pink color. If you enjoy having more feminine tones in your kitchen, then pink granite countertops can be nice to have around. The fact that it’s not a bright pink makes it more subtle and subdued, which is easier to blend into existing designs.

In this type of granite, in addition to potassium feldspar, you’ll also get dark brown amphibole, white feldspar, and semi-transparent quartz. This gives it the beautiful tones that make up a unique countertop in your kitchen.

5. Red Granite

Red granite actually is very similar to pink granite in that it also has potassium feldspar. This is what gives it the red color you see, but just a bit darker to give more of a contrast in your kitchen.

This isn’t the only type of red granite available though. You can also get a red granite when there’s iron oxide in hematite grains or inclusion in the feldspar. As a result, the granite takes on a gorgeous rusty red color with specks of white and beige in it.

If you’re looking for something a bit non-traditional, then red granite can give you that perfect touch.

6. Blue Granite

If you’re looking for something that emanates an ocean feel, then you want blue granite countertops in your kitchen.

However, like some of the “granites” on this list, blue granite isn’t a true granite. Instead, it can be an igneous type of monzonite or Anorthosite, which has a lot of blue labradorite in it. Both of these are commonly sold as blue granite.

In any case, this type of granite turns out to be a fantastic dark blue, which can complement practically any cabinet color you choose.

7. Green Granite

Like many of the other types of granite on this list, green granite isn’t a true granite.

Instead, it’s usually green marble. This type of marble gets a nice greenish shade to it because it has serpentine in it.

It may also possibly be a green soapstone. Or it could have some amazonite, which is a green type of feldspar.

In any case, it’s very hard to get your hands on green granite. This makes it a truly unique addition to any kitchen.

Consider These Types of Granite Countertops When You Remodel

Now you know about 7 types of granite countertops that’d look great in your kitchen. Whether it’s white, black, pink, or blue, you’re sure to find the right granite colors for your brand new kitchen.

Make sure you visit a showroom to see each type of granite countertop in person. While you already know what possible colors there are, they’ll still appear different in person. So it’s always a good idea to go look at it and get a feel for things before you commit to any type of granite countertop.

Are you ready to purchase new granite countertops? Then request an appointment with us now. We’ll even give you a free estimate!

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