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Semper Care Initiative Grants Free Solar System to Army Veteran Dennis Torres-Garcia in Arizona

The Semper Care Initiative recognizes Mr. Torres-Garcia’s sacrifices and is dedicated to improving his quality of life. Through their free solar program, they are providing him with a solar system in Arizona.


Phoenix, AZ, June 13, 2023— Semper Solaris proudly announces the successful installation of a free solar system for Army veteran Dennis Torres-Garcia in Arizona. Semper Solaris is an organization dedicated to supporting military veterans through programs like their Semper Care Initiative. This initiative aims to provide sustainable and cost-effective energy solutions to deserving veterans as a token of gratitude for their dedicated service.

Dennis Torres-Garcia is a highly decorated veteran with an illustrious military career of over 30 years. He has selflessly served in various capacities, including infantry, artillery, and aviation units. He has exemplified unwavering commitment and leadership as a Vietnam War door gunner and a dedicated Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) instructor. Mr. Torres-Garcia’s father also served in the military, and three of his four children have followed in their family’s footsteps by proudly serving in the armed forces.

Mr. Torres-Garcia dedicated his life to protecting the freedom and independence of his fellow citizens. However, he now faces a different battle as he copes with disabilities from exposure to Agent Orange during his military service. The Semper Care Initiative recognizes his sacrifices and is committed to ensuring a brighter future for him and his family.

In celebration of 2023’s Independence Day and acknowledgment of Mr. Torres-Garcia’s incredible contributions to our nation, the Semper Care Initiative collaborated with leading solar energy provider Semper Solaris to install a state-of-the-art solar system on his residence. The cutting-edge system harnesses the power of the sun to generate clean and renewable energy. The solar system will significantly reduce Mr. Torres-Garcia’s electricity costs while minimizing his carbon footprint.

“As an organization, the desire to make a difference in the lives of deserving veterans and their families is the driving force behind the inception of the Semper Cares Initiative,” said a representative of Semper Solaris. “We recognized the need to provide aid and support through major home improvements by ensuring that veterans receive the help they deserve. By providing sustainable energy solutions, the initiative not only enhances the lives of veterans like Mr. Torres-Garcia but also promotes a greener future for all.”

In addition to the Semper Cares Initiative, Semper Solaris is a leading provider of solar panels, roofing services, and battery storage solutions. With a commitment to sustainability and energy independence, Semper Solaris offers a comprehensive range of products and services designed to meet the diverse needs of homeowners and businesses. Battery storage systems provide a reliable backup power source during grid outages or periods of low sunlight.

About Semper Solaris:

We are proud to establish ourselves as a leading provider of solar panels, battery storage solutions, and roofing services. Our exceptional services have earned us numerous accolades and a commendable A rating from the Better Business Bureau. We established the Semper Cares Initiative to further our mission of supporting veterans. This initiative aims to alleviate the burden of high energy costs for veterans by granting them energy independence.

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Organization: Semper Solaris

Phone Number: (480) 863-0024

Address: 329 Lone Cactus Rd, Suite 8 Phoenix, AZ 85027


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