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Setting the Standard in Consumer Option Home Care

As the median age and average lifespan in the United States continues to rise, it has put a renewed focus on how to properly care for the disabled. This has led to the creation of new services provided by institutions that emphasize a more customized and personalized approach.

Enter Consumer Option Home Care as one such service.

Consumer Option Home Care allows a person who has qualified for home care services to choose a relative or friend to serve as their PCA (Personal Care Attendant). This is in place of an Agency Department Aide, an in-home aide who represents a licensed home care organization.

Some of the more common ailments that lend itself to these services include heart disease, cancer, respiratory illness, and multiple sclerosis. Aides will often assist with such daily tasks as light housekeeping, cooking, taking walks with patients, overall companionship, and many other activities classified under non-skilled nursing care.

V&V Management Solutions in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania has a vision to raise the standards within the home care industry. Several within the health care field have cast negative view on home care agencies due to certain abuses. In order to restore dignity to the home care industry, V&V Management raises standards by providing training for caregivers, enhancing customer service, and offering support to increase the quality of care. V&V Management has achieved exactly that with Blessings4Ever Home Care Agency, which contracted with V&V in 2014.

One of the biggest challenges faced with Consumer Option Home Care is ensuring that the people providing the aid are properly prepared going in. Education programs offered are quite extensive, ranging from understanding HIPPA laws to training on CPR, handling infectious diseases, and overall safety measures. Non-skilled workers are also required to watch a 60-part video series and complete a final test in order to acquire a Direct Careworker’s Certification. Blessings4Ever Home Care Agency will soon add additional services such as a skilled nursing component.

The results of this type of care are numerous. For patients, it has allowed them to remain in the comfort of their own homes longer and spend more quality time with loved ones, as opposed to uprooting and transitioning to a nursing home or other long-term care facility. For the disabled, it has given them help and strength that they may not have had otherwise. Because of this, patients who receive these types of benefits experience less instances of loneliness and depression, and an overall increase in mental and physical well-being.

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