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4 Thoughtful Gifts You Can Give Your Significant Other After a Fight

Did you know that 30% of U.S. adults reported having used a dating app or website at some point? Furthermore, 12% of U.S. adults are married or in a long-term relationship with someone they met through an online dating service.

Whether you met online or in person, dating can be challenging, even for the most compatible couples. Fights are inevitable, but it’s best to work through the conflict and grow from it.

Giving your partner thoughtful gifts is one way of showing you care. But what gifts are best to give after a big fight? And will it actually help?

We’re here to fill you in. Keep reading below for five of the best gifts to give your significant other after a fight and why! 

1. Flowers

Flowers are a classic make-up gift after a big fight, and we’d be remiss not to mention them. The sentiment will shine through with a beautiful bouquet and simple notecard, even if it’s not the type of gift you’d normally give.

They’re also an incredibly easy gift to give, especially if you’re uncomfortable giving them to your partner in person. With online flower delivery services, like Phillip’s Flowers, you can have fresh flowers delivered right to your partner’s doorstep.

2. An Experience

Sometimes thoughtful gifts are less about material items and more about giving the gift of time. If your partner’s love language is spending quality time together, spend a day doing something they’ll enjoy.

Whether it’s going to see a movie they’re interested in or visiting their favorite museum, this is a great way to show you care about their happiness and are apologetic.

3. Couples Journals

If your partner keeps their feelings bottled up, a journal makes a great gift. Many fights are just a result of miscommunication, but writing it out can alleviate stress and help your partner discover how to address it.

To show this is an equal partnership, consider buying couples journals. If it’s easier to talk through the written word, you could even exchange journals with one another to get better insight into what one another is thinking.

When writing, you have more time to think about your word choice and what you really mean. This can prevent you and/or your partner from speaking rashly and saying something you don’t actually mean out loud.

4. Their Favorite Meal

Is there anything better than a homecooked meal? If you’re looking for sweet gifts, all you have to do is pick up ingredients for your partner’s favorite meal from the grocery store.

If you’re not a chef, don’t worry—there’s still a way to apologize with the gift of food. Get your significant other a gift card for their favorite restaurant. Instead of a spoken promise of going, a restaurant-specific gift card ensures that you really are committed to spending time together at their favorite eatery.

Make Amends with Thoughtful Gifts

It can be hard to say sorry after a big fight, especially if you prefer to communicate in actions over words. That’s why thoughtful gifts can go a long way when it comes to mending a relationship. With the guide above, you can discover the best apology gift for your significant other and work on healing your relationship together!

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