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Debunking the Most Common Drug Addiction Recovery Myths

Seeking drug addiction recovery may make you or your loved one feel embarrassed. That said, there is much stigma and gossip about what it means to go to rehab. 

It is time to debunk drug addiction treatment myths so that you can find the best drug rehab center for you or your loved one. Let’s get into the five most commonly thought myths about drug addiction recovery. 

1. You Can Only Get Treatment After You Reach Your Lowest

One of the biggest myths about drug addiction recovery is that it is only reserved for those who have reached their lowest point. 

This couldn’t be further from the truth. You can seek drug addiction recovery at any point in your drug addiction. When you go to rehab, you don’t just do it as a last resort: you do it to prevent having the lowest of lows. 

Of course, sometimes you or your loved one may only get treatment after you reach your lowest, and that’s also okay. 

2. You Only Need Rehab Once

Another myth we can debunk for you about when people go to rehab is that people only need rehab once. 

Sometimes it takes more than one try with drug addiction treatment to overcome your addiction. Consider as a great place to go for drug addiction recovery whether it is once, twice, or more times than that. 

3. Relapse Means Rehab Didn’t Work

Continuing with our previous point, sometimes those with a drug addiction relapse. This means that you or your loved one may fall back in with your drug addiction. When this happens, you may feel rehab didn’t work. 

That isn’t true. Any drug rehabilitation center is there for those who relapse too. Addictions have a grip about them that people sometimes can’t shake after going to rehab once. 

Whether you relapse right after your first trip to rehab or years afterward, it doesn’t mean rehab didn’t work. It just means you may need more time and support to overcome your addiction. 

4. Rehab Will Cure Me

One of the sadder myths about rehab is that it can cure you. This is not true. 

“But doesn’t that mean it doesn’t work?” you may ask. 

Relapses can happen because addiction does not have a one-all cure-all solution. Instead, rehab is focused on getting people the support they may be lacking in their normal lives. 

Rehab can also teach you what you can do in your daily life to mitigate your addiction. It is an everyday effort, but rehab can set you up with the tools you’ll need to combat it. 

5. Only the Wealthy Can Afford Rehab

This one is inherently not true. There are plenty of affordable rehab centers, some of which could even be free of charge, for those who are not wealthy. Make sure you research your local offerings. 

Debunking Drug Addiction Recovery Myths

Drug addiction recovery in the form of drug rehabilitation centers has many myths surrounding it. Now that you know more, you can make an informed decision for yourself or your loved one. 

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