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Save Time, Money and Confusion With My Tally Book

My Tally Book provides paperless tally data collection on any smart device to accurately collect field data in the oil and gas industry, which will save work crews time, money, and confusion. 


Houston, Texas, December 6, 2022 — The tally book has been an accountability mainstay for many decades for oil drilling and exploration and numerous other industries. Since it is an essential ledger and reference guide on the field for all calculations to be checked and consistently verified, it is an absolute requirement that should be convenient and accessible to all crew on a project. Yet, due to the historical way of transcribing the measurements using pen and paper, there are many unintended errors in calculating measurements of depth, tubing, joints, and the links recorded for the Bottom Hole Assembly (BHA). Luckily, there is now a digital option to capture field data in the oil and gas industry that will save work crews time, money, and confusion: The My Tally Book app.

Created by John Ortegon, a Tool Service Hand with nearly 20 years of experience, My Tally Book is an easy-to-use downloadable app for any workman in the service, drilling, or production sectors regardless of oil well size and depth. My Tally Book provides paperless tally data collection on any smart device, and it can be managed by a designated administrator to share with their crew.

But how exactly does it work? It’s simple: The administrator will share the password with the crew of that particular shift, and all real-time measurements and information are immediately available with on-point clarity and accuracy. All tallies are permanently recorded and saved for future reference and usage. Additionally, the My Tally Book app is transcribed and translated into English and Spanish, which will help overcome language barriers while creating a safer, more trusting, and harmonious workplace.

What are the benefits of using a Digital Tally Book?

  1. Data Reliable, Quick, and User Friendly: It provides fast and reliable information since users can evaluate the speed while performing broad and challenging accounting work.
  2. Helps with Payroll Management: A digital tally book assists in supervising your company’s financial record, which comprises taxes, bonuses, net deductions, and final payments.
  3. It’s the Easier Way to Create Multiple Invoices: Digital tally books secure all receipts, bills, invoices, and vouchers in a collections document. It also makes invoices or bills with multiple items, single items, and numerous tax kinds with its paperless tally data collection.

My Tally Book is the best app to save money and time because, in the words of the My Tally Book app developer, Mr. Ortegon, “I created My Tally Book to save time, money and errors on the fly while establishing better accuracy for myself and the professionals in my industry.”

For more information about their top-quality app, visit their website. You can download the app via Apple’s App Store for your iOS device and Google Play Store for your Android device. One Tally, One Book, One Location, One Set of Numbers!

Contact Info:

Name: John Ortegon
Organization: My Tally Book
Address: Midland, Texas
Email: [email protected]

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