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What Are the Main Health Benefits of Sex?

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Sex is about so much more than reproduction and sexual health goes beyond preventing STDs. Research reports that the average committed couple has sex about once a week.

It turns out that the health benefits of sex make this an important addition to your other healthy lifestyle choices.

For those who aren’t in a relationship, masturbation offers similar benefits.

So what’s stopping you? Keep reading for more information on the sex health benefits that you can take advantage of with each session between the sheets.

Physical Health Benefits of Sex

Not only is it fun, but sex has several physical benefits. It’s a great workout and burns calories and uses many of your major muscle groups.

According to the American Heart Association, sex can be compared to moderately vigorous exercise, such as stair climbing or walking at a brisk pace.

Because sex gets your heart rate going, it can also help control blood pressure, thereby reducing the risk of heart disease and stroke. It can’t replace medical treatment, however, so don’t rely on it alone if you are at risk.

Regular sex has also been linked to better cognition, improved immunity, and reduced perceptions of pain. It may also reduce the severity of menstruation and PMS symptoms in women.

Psychological Health Benefits of Sex

Having regular sex benefits your mental wellness, in addition to your physical health. It has a positive impact on your self-esteem and confidence levels.

It might also boost general happiness and ease stress and anxiety. When you have sex with your partner, you also build your bond, which improves overall mental wellness.

In addition, orgasms have been linked to better sleep. That’s because when they happen, your body releases a hormone called prolactin, which plays a role in the quality of your sleep.

How to Have More Sex

If you aren’t quite hitting your goal when it comes to having sex, all is not lost. In addition to finding out how to have more sex, you should also be finding out how to have better sex.

Quantity matters just as much as quality. In addition to the physical requirements, reaching orgasm is one of the reasons why sex is a healthy choice.

Instead of focusing on how to get better at sex, it’s better to focus on how to improve your relationship outside the bedroom. When that happens, it often spills over into your sex life, improving it at the same time.

Spending time together when you’re fully clothed helps create a bond. When you feel more connected to each other in everyday life, things will naturally heat up when you go to bed together.

Listen to each other, spend time doing things the other likes, do favors for each other and take the time to make life easier for your partner.

Keep in mind that your desire levels won’t always match. Sometimes the best thing to do is to simply go for it and the rest will follow.

If you need a little boost to your libido, Rae’s In the Mood supplement really works, and works well.

Making It Work for You

Instead of focusing on how often you have sex, pay attention to the health benefits of sex, and how you feel during and after. Satisfaction is vital to reaping the rewards that sex has to offer.

If you have trouble getting in the mood, talk to your doctor. Sometimes a health condition may be at play.

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