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Sandwich, MA- the Perfect Place for Growing Families and Couples

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Sandwich MA can be found on Cape Cod, MA, and includes the Forestdale villages and East Sandwich. Interestingly, it is the oldest town in the area, which was settled in 1637. Sandwich is famous for its glassware and is also home to many gift and antique stores. At the 2010 census, the population stood at 20,675. The Wampanoags, who befriended the Plymouth Colony Pilgrims, helped populate the area. The town is named after Sandwich, the English seaport and in 1884, Bourne was formed when the western area of the town split from the old town. The Benjamin Nye Homestead and the Benjamin Holway House are two of the main historic homes in the area. It is thought that these homes once were taverns, but in this day and age, they are now used by local businesses.

Summer Concerts

People who live in Sandwich can easily enjoy year-round activities, such as outdoor concerts, flea markets, farmer’s markets, and more. There are, however, two main highlights when it comes to events in Sandwich. One of them would be the annual Holly Days celebration and the Sandwich Festival. As you can probably guess, the Sandwich Festival showcases the best sandwiches around, and it is something that people pride themselves on taking part in.

Things to do In Sandwich, MA

If you are looking for things to do in Sandwich, MA, you will be glad to know there is never a shortage. In fact, when you break down all the things there are to do, you will soon find that you have endless forms of entertainment.

The Heritage Museum

The Heritage Museum is home to many acres of flowers, plants, and various other items. Here you will find many species of birds and wildlife too. The museum has a lot of collections that rotate, and most of them are outside. You have carousels that showcase exhibits and sculptures of bugs that can be found in the area. There are a lot of events that are hosted throughout the year as well so it’s important that you check the schedule so you can see if it is worth attending one.

Scusset Beach

This area is one of the top places for you to visit in Sandwich. This is a public area, and it is home to notable coastal sites. The beach offers many things to do, and you can even go camping, hiking or fishing. You also have the Cape Cod Canal Pathway, the best hike, seven miles long.

Shining Sea Bikeway

The Shining Sea Bikeway is a one-of-a-kind trail. It runs through many communities in Cape Cod, mainly through Falmouth. This means that the route is a very short trip away from the town of Sandwich. It was originally a railroad but since then, a lot of it has been paved over and now it is a hugely popular trail. The trail is just shy of 11 miles, and this means that it is mainly used for biking, but that being said, if you reach the terminus, then you’ll find yourself right next to the ocean so it’s good for hikers too.

Café Chew

If you want to commemorate your visit to the area, then one of the best ways to do this would be to eat a sandwich! Café Chew is known for serving some of the greatest lunches around. They also offer a huge range of options when it comes to outdoor dining. This is ideal if you choose to visit during the summer. Sandwiches are the main menu option for breakfast and lunch, so if you want something warm, make sure you opt for the panini. If you’re not a huge fan of sandwiches, don’t worry, they also have bagels, salads, and croissants.

Sandy Neck Beach

Sandy Neck Beach is the main beach for you to visit if you want to relax and unwind. This beach is known for giving residents a stunning view of the ocean, not to mention that it is well over 4700 acres in size. You will find a lot of exciting activities here, such as swimming, fishing, and even paddle boarding.

Why should you Live in Sandwich?

If you are considering moving to Sandwich, you should know that the area really has a lot to offer.


Sandwich has a very high level of livability. In fact, the livability score is above average for other areas in Massachusetts. When you look at the calculation for the livability score, you will see that it consists of the cost of living, resident happiness, education, and crime. This is done through an advanced statistical model, and it is a great way to determine whether or not the area is worth moving to, in terms of real estate.

Cost of Living

Before you even think about looking up homes for sale in Sandwich, Mass, you need to think about the cost of living. Some areas tend to be naturally more expensive when compared to others, and if you aren’t careful, you may end up moving to an area where you can’t afford to sustain your lifestyle. When it comes to Sandwich real estate, you will soon see that the properties themselves are highly affordable, and so is the cost of living. Sandwich homes are in line with the average, and in some areas, they are cheaper. This means if you want to make a solid investment, then you know that Sandwich is the best area to consider, especially when you combine the lower prices with the number of things to do. The cost of living tends to depend on the average price of transportation, grocery items, housing, and utilities. Healthcare and miscellaneous goods are also considered when calculating things like this.


Another pro of looking up Sandwich homes for sale is the standard of education. In Sandwich, you will soon find that the schools are some of the best around and can also cater to numerous levels of intelligence. With many extra-curricular activities available, it is no surprise that more and more families are now looking up Sandwich homes for sale. If you have kids and want them to have a great education, then Sandwich is the way to go, as it has something for everyone, not to mention that the job sector is thriving, so you know that there are plenty of opportunities for college graduates.

Low Poverty

The poverty rate in Sandwich is currently lower than the national average in the US. The current poverty rate in the US is up to 13% but in Sandwich, it’s nowhere near this amount. That is why Sandwich Cape Cod real estate is so popular because the area is well-maintained and on top of this, there are always opportunities for people to move up the corporate ladder thanks to the thriving businesses in the area.

So, it doesn’t matter whether you are exploring houses for sale in Sandwich for your family or just want to make a real estate investment because Cape Cod is a fantastic area to move to. You would be surprised at how much there is to see and do. If you want to make the most out of your Sandwich, MA real estate investment, then make sure you work through a quality realtor, such as Ryan Mann.

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