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Eriepics™ -With the Heart Logo- Are the Top Local Photographers in the Greater Erie, PA Area

Protecting the integrity of their business is the number one priority for small business owners. At EriePics, they’ve taken actions to do exactly this. They recently trademarked their business logo in the efforts to protect against possible trademark infringements. Unfortunately, an infringement of any sort can lead to loss of credibility (and potential loss of clientele) regarding their business. The only way to be sure that you are communicating with EriePics is to look for their heart logo. Learn more about EriePics and its trademarks at

Erie, PA, December 23, 2021 – Business owners work hard to become successful in their industries. When someone else tries to take that success and use it for their own benefit, it creates a sense of doubt among the original business’s clientele.

This is exactly what is happening right now to EriePics, Erie-based professional wedding photography. A competitor is trying to use their name, and EriePics wasn’t going to stand for it.

“Our success with photographing weddings allowed us to expand our services to weddings and event planning,” says a spokesperson for EriePics. “With this success, we’ve run into a few issues with our competitors using our name to promote themselves.”

While this problem can be catastrophic for small businesses in the visual arts industry, they aren’t just going to give up. EriePics are doing whatever it takes to protect their business from trademark infringement.

“In May of 2021, we had to trademark our logo to protect the longevity of our business,” says a spokesperson for this Erie-based photography business. “We are the original EriePics photographers in Erie, Pennsylvania, and we will do what it takes to protect our integrity. We trademarked our name with USPTO.”

Trademark infringement refers to the unauthorized usage of a logo or name of another company in a deceptive manner. Infringing on a trademark can result in legal actions being taken against the responsible party, so it makes sense to take these precautions.

It’s important that when you are scheduling a session with EriePics, you are speaking with EriePics’ authentic photographers. An easy way to ensure that you are speaking with them is to look for the heart logo when you visit their website. If the heart isn’t visible, it’s not the Erie Pics Association and you won’t have access to the best photography in Erie.

Learn more about EriePics and its trademark on their website at

About EriePics Association: The EriePics Association is your premier professional photography service in Erie, Pennsylvania. We understand that every moment in your life matters. So, Erie Photography is ready to document those moments. We want to discover who you are. Moreso, we want to understand your celebration. And finally, we want to preserve it for you. Likewise, we want you to be able to share the joy, triumph, and happiness you’re experiencing. We’re excited to capture everything from Wedding & Engagement Photography to Maternity/Newborn Portraits, Family Sessions, Senior Portraits, and even Graduation Photos! Learn more at

Contact Information:
Name: Eve Frank
Organization: EriePics Association
Address: 1001 State St. Suite 1401, Erie, PA 16501
Phone: 814-246-2148
Email: [email protected]


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