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Rocket Science Skin: Innovation Based Skincare Solutions

The technology behind skin science has evolved, and Rocket Science Skin is providing innovative, high-powered skincare solutions for clients.


Dover, DE, March 10, 2021 – Skincare is all the rage these days, there is no denying it. Having acne, blemishes, and other skin issues can be a real point of insecurity for many people, and that is why Rocket Science Skin is here to help.

Rocket Science Skin has all your skincare needs and more. Their Total Eclipse 3 Step Acne System clears up pimples lightning-fast, leaving you with beautiful, smooth skin in no time. Thanks to the Benzoyl Peroxide infused in all three steps of the product, you can now conquer your acne in mere days! Plus, it’s even currently on sale!

Another powerful acne-zapping product from Rocket Science Skin is the Zittack Hydrocolloid Problem Patches. Simply clean your face off, find the problem area, apply the patch, and kiss those pimples goodbye! Customers can purchase a box of twenty patches all the way up to one hundred patches.

Looking for relaxing and skin-boosting sheet masks that are packed with science-backed goodies for your skin? Try out Rocket Science Skin’s stellar sheet masks for optimum results!

“Skincare issues can be a major problem for a lot of people, and we wanted to help by providing the best possible products,” said the CEO of Rocket Science Skin.

All Rocket Science Skin products are available on their website. And with their expansive line of effective, science-based skin solutions, you will surely find exactly what your skin has been looking for. “Skin care is an important part not only of your appearance but also your confidence, which is why we strive to provide our clients with only the best of the best!” boasted the CEO.
Aside from outstanding skincare products, the Rocket Science Skin website is equally as neat, easy to use, and helpful for customers. Here, users can easily find reasonably priced products that will match their current skin issues and give them their dream skin without them having to break the bank.

And because Rocket Science Skin is dedicated to providing the best customer service to each of their beloved customers, a dedicated customer care section is also readily available on their website. The customers can also find a Frequently Asked Questions section where they can have quick answers to their burning questions about Rocket Science Skin products, their ingredients, proper usage, and even some pro tips for their skin care routines!

Plus, orders within the continental United States can receive FREE shipping with a purchase of $50 or more! You deserve the best for your skin, so why not treat yourself? You can visit Rocket Science Skin’s website today at

About Rocket Science Skin: At Rocket Science, we focus on developing skincare solutions that go beyond what routine, drugstore buys can do. We’re innovation-obsessed, and for good reason. The human skin is always evolving, and so should our methods of caring for it. That’s why only our latest tech goes into every Rocket Science product. It’s our goal that with your every use of a hydrating mask, hydrocolloid patch, or restoring wash, you see and feel real results. Results that we hope help you to 360 your skin experience, for the better.

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Megan Sanders
Rocket Science Skin, 8 The Green Suite 11862 Dover, DE 19901

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