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7 Rewarding Benefits of Becoming a Home Stager

About 47% of real estate agents who represent buyers say that home staging had an impact on buyers’ perceptions of the home.

It can easily fetch a higher sales price because home staging lets buyers see themselves living in the home.

If you have a knack for interior design, or you want to apply your design skills in a new arena, home staging is a career that you should consider.

Becoming a home stager takes a lot of work because you’re starting a new business. It’s worth it because there are so many benefits when you become a home stager.

Read on to learn what they are and get a few tips to start your home staging career.

1. Average Pay of Home Stagers

You can control your income as a home stager. Home stagers earn anywhere between $29,000 a year and $80,000 a year.

Some have businesses that generate more than $100,000 a year.

If you’re wondering why there’s such a disparity between home stager earnings, it’s because many choose to work part-time.

2. Demand of Professional Home Stagers

Millions of homes get sold each year. The real estate market was incredibly hot in 2020 and it continued into 2021.

As the real estate market heats up, so does the demand for professional home stagers. People are always buying and selling homes.

Starting your business now lets you take advantage of the current real estate market.

3. Start With Little Investment

You can start a home staging business with very little investment. You’ll need a computer, website, business cards, contacts within the real estate industry, and a space to work.

That doesn’t mean that you just dive right into your new business. Take the time to research the local market, write a business plan, and figure out how you’ll market the business.

You’ll also need to get a business license, plan for taxes, and choose a business structure. Get a good accountant and business attorney to guide you through the early stages of the business.

4. Accessible Training

Becoming a home stager means that you need to find ways to set yourself apart from the other home stagers in your area.

Home stager training is a great way to do that. It makes you more professional to work with because you have the skills and knowledge to explain your design choices.

You’ll develop a reputation as someone who knows a lot about home staging. That makes you a sought-after professional.

Fortunately, home staging online courses are available. You’ll be able to get certified in specializations like color and short-term rentals.

5. Utilize a Broad Range of Skills

You’re choosing to start a business when you become a home stager. You have to use skills beyond home staging such as business operations, sales, marketing, negotiations, and financial management.

This is one of the more exciting aspects of being a home stager because you don’t know what each day will bring.

6. Your Job Works Around Your Life

If you’ve worked for someone else, you always had to put off appointments and errands until you were free. You had to work your life around your job.

That included picking up your kids from school and dropping them off.

Home staging lets you create a job around the important things in your life. You can choose to work part-time and devote the rest of the time to your family.

You’re also going to spend more time at home. You’ll have meetings, consultations, and staging appointments, but you’ll also have a lot of administrative work to do.

Marketing, outreach, and financial management can happen at home. You’ll just need to create a space for it.

7. You Get To Do What You Love

Would you rather languish in an office job that you don’t like, or would you want to do something you love? Of course, you’d choose the latter.

If you enjoy building relationships with real estate agents, working with clients, and managing staging projects, you’ll love your job as a home stager.

Becoming a home stager means that you’ll be able to apply your design skills and help your clients see their dreams come true.

Tips for Becoming a Home Stager

Is becoming a home stager the right move for you? Make sure that you have the skills you need to run a business.

Have a financial cushion in place so you can pay your bills while you’re getting your business up and running. You should have 6-12 months of money set aside to take care of your expenses.

That relieves the pressure during the early stages of your business. You won’t be forced to take on bad clients for money.

You’ll want to enter a training program that shows you the ins and outs of home staging. That sets you apart from the competition and shows your professionalism.

Start to build your network within the real estate industry. You can start by joining associations for home staging professionals, such as the Real Estate Staging Association.

Check out your local chamber of commerce and real estate association. Don’t forget to utilize LinkedIn and social media to promote yourself and build relationships.

Are You Ready to Become a Home Stager?

There are so many benefits of becoming a home stager. You get something different every day, you can set your schedule, and make a great living doing so.

At the end of the day, you get to create a business that you love. It sure beats working for someone else.

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