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Reviews Are The Currency Of The Internet

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Customer reviews are the currency of the internet, allowing us to spread the word about the services and products that we purchase. But why do I call it “currency?”

Past customer opinions drive future customer actions, so positive reviews are like money in the bank for an organization when people are leaving great remarks about a product or service. The majority of consumers in the US read product or service reviews before they make a purchase, yet very few are active reviewers.

I hope to encourage more people to take the time to leave a review when they have exceptional service, whether it be good or bad.

Do You Have To Be A Customer To Leave A Review?

In the spirit of how we (as consumers) use reviews to guide our purchase decisions, one should have an active experience with the company before providing a review. But you don’t actually have to be a paying customer. For example, if you find our blog helpful (it is written daily with important information about the housing market and the most active Tallahassee neighborhoods), please take the time to leave a 5-star review telling people why you read our blog.

We have hundreds of thousands of visitors to our blog each year, yet it is fairly rare that somebody takes the time to provide a simple review of what they found. In the past month alone, we have had 17,017 visitors to our reviews page on Google!

If you have enjoyed our blog today (or in the past), would you please take two minutes to share your experience on Google? Just click THIS LINK to visit our page on Google, it would mean a great deal to the entire Joe Manausa Real Estate company.

Google Reviews Are The New Word Of Mouth

In the days before digital communication, word of mouth was the best form of passing information from one person to another, oftentimes using storytelling as the method of delivery. But times have changed.

Sure, we’ll occasionally get a story (about a product or service) from a friend, but most people still want to go online to see “what everybody is saying.” Whether it be on Google, Facebook, Yelp, or other similar sites, digital word of mouth is the most powerful driver of business today.

Please consider being part of this formal (yet informal) process. When you eat a restaurant and really enjoy the meal, share a few thoughts on your experience. It’s likely you used the method when you were searching for new places to eat, so why not return the favor to the next person looking for a 5-star dining experience?

When it comes to information about the Tallahassee real estate blog, we spend more than 20 hours each week preparing content for our readers. If you have made it to this point in the article, I’ll (respectfully) ask you to take the two minutes to tell people why you read our blog. Thank you! And future readers thank you too!

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