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Dental crowns are one of the most common dental treatments, serving both cosmetic and restorative purposes and preserving the natural tooth.

Dr. Carolyn Kittell at Smile Essentials in Greenwood Village often recommends dental crowns for patients who have a damaged, misshapen or severely discolored teeth. Dental crowns are typically made of high quality porcelain materials that are customized to blend with your natural smile. An experienced and highly trained dentist and lab technician, Dr. Kittell will ensure that your dental crown is both aesthetically pleasing and supports your long term dental health with a natural fit.

Upon examination, Dr. Kittell will determine if a tooth needs a dental crown. Generally, this exam will require a visual examination and an xray of the tooth.

Dr. Kittell also uses metal free dental crowns in cosmetic dentistry treatments to improve the appearance of teeth that are misshapen, misaligned or discolored and eliminate dark lines and allergic reactions.


Dr. Kittell works closely with our highly qualified lab technician Brian Burd. Brian is right across the hall from Smile Essentials, so it makes it easy for them to collaborate on cases to make sure the crowns are custom for each patient.

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