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The Ultimate Guide to Buying Running Bibs

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Are you planning a race? Running bibs are an important part of any marathon or sprint. That’s why they’re a major part of the over 1300 full marathons held each year.

But, how do you ensure you have the best possible bibs for your event? What factors should you take into consideration before purchasing running bibs, such as material and design?

Luckily, this article will cover all these questions and more. Let’s go through how to buy running bibs.

Choose the Materials

You’ll want to carefully consider the different running bib materials available for you. Different materials may be hardier than others, and some may be heavier. You’ll have to weigh the pros and con of what you’re looking for.

You also need to make sure you have the proper accessories for each and every running bib. This will make sure that they’re properly secured, so that no runner will lose them or injury themselves.

Some of the materials commonly used in running bibs include Tvvek, plastic, paper, adhesive, Pretex and others.

Figure Out the Design

The design of your running bibs is very important. Of course, the necessary information needs to be legible. Some bibs are plain, and only contain the number.

But, for a lot of reasons, you may want to do some more significant designing. You’ll be able to put logos, sponsors, and other branding on the bib, to draw more attention as the runners pass by onlookers.

And, if you’re planning on allowing people to register in advance, you may be able to allow your runners to incorporate custom messages into their running bibs. This will give each bib a personal touch, and encourage runners to keep their bibs after the race finishes. That way, they’ll have a physical representation of their happy memories for years to come.

However, it’s important to take legibility and accessibility in mind when you’re designing race bibs. Choose fonts that are legible, and can be seen from a distance. Use contrasting colors for the background and the font, so that the colors don’t blend together.

Don’t overcrowd the racing bibs with graphics and writing, so that you’ll still be able to actually see the relevant information on the racing bib.

Technology For Running Bibs

You can also add technology to running bibs in these days. For example, if you plan to use timing tags in your race, incorporating them into the racing bib can be much easier than making runners attach them to themselves in another way. These chips ping at the starting mat and the finish line, to keep runners honest during the race.

You can add QR codes to the running bibs. This allows runners to check-in more quickly, and gives them another way to verify their identity.

Shop for Running Bibs Today

There are so many choices for running bibs out there; hopefully, you now have some awareness about how to narrow things down.

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