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Paint Protection Film: What Is It and Why You Should Get It?

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If you’ve purchased a brand new car, you’d want to get some protection on before the road grime, dirt, birds, and bugs get to it. Protecting your car from these elements is quite easy, thanks to the availability of ceramic coatings, waxes, and paint sealants! But how do you protect against stone chips, scuff, and scratches?

If you drive your car daily, you simply cannot escape the regular wear and tear. Moreover, long commutes will hammer its front end with debris and flying rocks from the road. Even the most professionally-applied ceramic coatings won’t be able to protect your paint from mechanical damage. Thus, you need to invest in paint protection film!

What Is Paint Protection Film?

Paint protection film is a transparent and fairly thick layer of urethane. It’s applied on the body panels to protect the paint underneath.

Urethane is a commonly-used polymer in the automotive and almost every other industry. Contemporary cars have urethane bumpers, along with urethane seals, insulation, and even interior components.

The material is incredibly flexible, strong, resistant to UV degradation, and chemically stable. When it’s applied to your car, it works as the body panels second skin and protects the paint against mechanical damage such as dings, paint chips, and scratches, as well as chemical and UV erosion.

Benefits of Paint Protection Film

Here are some reasons why you should get paint protection film for your car.

1. Your Car Is Easier to Clean

The biggest benefit of a paint protection film is that our film STEK has a ceramic top coat, is fully  hydrophobic, and it makes your car easier to clean as many things will not even stick on it. For instance, you can wipe off bird droppings simply with a damp cloth. Similarly, you can clean off the dirt with a little blast from a water hose.

2. Protects Your Car from Sun Damage

The sun is a constant threat to your car. Its UV rays will damage most paint, even during winters when it’s extremely cold. As long as the sun is shining out there, your paint is deteriorating. In fact, your paint is even drying out, which leads to chipping and cracking. Paint protection will help your paint survive the elements out there, including the sun.

With time, the harsh elements may damage and weaken your paint protection film with constant exposure over time. Nevertheless, the paint underneath will remain undamaged. Our film has a 10 year warranty!

3. Increase Your Cars Value

A paint protection film will also increase the car’s resale value in the long run, in case you ever wish to sell your car. This is particularly true for trade-in value. A car with an excellent paint job can potentially fetch thousands of more dollars in trade-in value at the lot.

So, if you wish to increase the value of your car, you should invest in paint protection film!



Paint Protection Film Installation
A blue car covered with paint protection film.


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