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Podcasting or YouTube? Here’s How to Decide

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Coming up with engaging and interesting ideas is critical, no matter what type of influencer you want to become.

Some people give up on their internet dreams because they fear going into the spotlight. Whether you enjoy telling a good story or want to put on a show without words, there’s a platform to get the job done.

Read about some of the most important factors when choosing between a podcast vs YouTube account below!

Comfort in the Spotlight

One of the biggest deciding factors between podcast vs YouTube influencers is their desire to be in the spotlight.

To get most of your exposure on YouTube, you need to be comfortable with being seen. This can be a scary step in taking off and building a brand, but if you take the right path, the discomfort should be minimal.

Podcasts differentiate from YouTube videos since they are digital audio recordings. Although you won’t have to go on camera as often, you’ll still need the confidence to speak to the public and tell stories. If you’re successful, people will recognize your name and voice, but you’ll have to gain enough exposure.

Startup Costs

Before you can choose between a podcast or YouTube account, you need to consider the costs.

The goal is to turn your influencing gig into a monetization opportunity. To build a brand effectively though, you must invest in advertising and tools to get your voice out to the public. Aside from the camera and ring light, you’ll need audio recording devices, organizational tools, and internet access.

Keep track of your business expenses so you can maximize tax write-offs. You may need to sacrifice some of your savings or get a loan, but if you see things through, it’ll be worth the investment.

Many people claim that podcasts are cheaper to get involved with, but this isn’t always true. If you already have a passion for film, you can turn a school hobby into a potential career.

Opportunities to Earn Money

Whether you go with a podcast or YouTube channel, you’ll gain access to money-making opportunities.

Learning how to start a podcast will be worth it if you aren’t afraid to share a story and invite others to listen. Most people make money from ads, listeners, and sponsorships, but there are other ways to increase your monthly revenue.

Some people have considered podcasts on YouTube, which gives them more opportunities to earn money. On YouTube, you can earn revenue through sponsorships and ads, as well as the YouTube Partner Program. YouTube is a great platform to get noticed and you can go onto other types of social media apps once you’ve mastered the camera.

Teaming up with brands and becoming an affiliate is a great way to accumulate steady income. Think about your target audience and niche and look for companies that want to get their brand out. You can act as an ally to these companies, recommending their products and teaching the community to increase sales.

Story Presentation

Do you like to leave people on the edge of their seats, or would you prefer to tell a story from start to finish in one attempt?

The way you present a story will change depending on which platform you choose. Podcasts are great for segmenting stories and you can include new info in each episode. Most viewers come back to listen regularly, whereas YouTube doesn’t always get the same following.

When you present a story or something on YouTube, it doesn’t have to turn into a series. Think about what you want to discuss or act and try to pinpoint which story presentation style would be best.

Podcast vs YouTube Audiences

It seems like everyone listens to podcasts now and then, while also enjoying videos on YouTube.

The reality of things, however, is that there are significant differences between audiences. Many people want to start a podcast, but they don’t pinpoint their market. Whether you’re hoping to connect with academics, murder-mystery followers, or teens, they are tuning in the most episodes.

YouTube is great for gaining long-term followers, however, it’s also easy to go unseen. Since YouTube is one of the most popular social media apps, you can reach a lot of people.

Content Niche

Going in one direction is your best bet, but you don’t want to limit yourself.

Try to find a broad enough topic that will let you explore different ideas. For example, some people focus on storytelling while others present a comedic routine or advice. Finding your niche will help you determine which app is best since your viewers or listeners might have a preference.

Podcasts are best suited for people who want to tell an extended story or begin in-depth conversations. If you want to conduct product demos, tutorials, or travel content, however, YouTube might be the better option.

YouTube is ideal for people who want to show visuals, rather than bring them to life by voice. After you narrow down your niche, think about how your audience expects you to behave. Lively personas are best on video while question-provoking speakers should go toward podcasts.


Did you know that more than one million people suffer from vision loss or blindness?

If you want to reach more audiences, Podcasts will be the better option. People can multitask while listening to your episodes or driving to work. Motivational speakers are also excellent for getting pumped up at the gym or before an event.

YouTube isn’t as accessible to people with vision impairments. Even with the use of subtitles, they won’t know what’s happening on the screen.

Influence the World for Your Career

When it comes to starting a podcast or YouTube channel, you don’t want to sign up for something you’re unprepared for.

This guide can help you understand the key differences so you aren’t frightened by large audiences or planning. Knowing your audience and finding sponsors can also help you turn your hobby into a career. Consider the differences between a podcast vs YouTube account so you don’t encounter surprises.

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