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Parthava Coin Offers the Best Collectible Coins from Reputable Mints

Parthava Coin is an online retailer that sells collectible coins from reputable mints from around the world. They also create their own brand of high-quality collectible coins using state-of-the-art technology. They’re looking to expand coin collecting as a serious hobby globally.


February 22, 2023— Parthava Coin is an online retailer that sells collectible coins made from reputable mints worldwide. They also have their own collection of custom coins made from innovative technology. They are pleased to announce their latest releases, which will appeal to new and seasoned coin collectors alike.

Among their new collection are the CIT New Products. These are collectible coins minted in the Cook Islands and have unique designs, such as a steam train, a portrait of Claude Monet, and Mont Saint Michel. These are great items for any coin collector looking to start their collection. These coins are made from pure silver and range in weight from 1 ounce to 5 ounces.

If you enjoy colorful and unique designs, you’ll love the Numis Collect New Products. These are silver coins with lavish and colorful designs, including “Flower With Butterfly”, minted in Palau and “Mona Lisa Graffiti” minted in the Cook Islands. There are many other beautiful designs in the collection that Parthava Coin expects to sell in large volumes. These are an excellent addition for any discerning collector.

Parthava Coin offers a wide range of coins from Oceania, The Americas, Europe, Africa, and Asia. Coins are available from prominent mints such as CIT Coin Invest AG, The Royal Canadian Mint, and PAMP. Both gold and silver collectible coins are available for purchase.

As one representative for Parthava Coin states, “At Parthava Coin, we’ve sold high-quality collectible coins in gold and silver to veteran collectors and newcomers. Our new collection includes unique designs from the Cook Islands and colorful and unique designs made from pure silver. We aim to help popularize coin collecting across the globe, and after seeing our collection, we’re sure we’ll get even more customers.”

There are collectible coins to suit any preference. One can buy collectible coins in smaller weights, or higher weights and products are available to purchase a la carte or in bulk.

Parthava Coin is the best retailer of high-quality coins from the best mints across the globe. If you’re interested in coin collecting — whether you’re new to the hobby or a seasoned collector, you want to buy from them. You can visit their website to see their collection or call them at +1 604 601 2010 to learn more about what they offer.

About Parthava Coin: Founded in Canada, Parthava Coin is an online store that strives to provide high-quality coins to all collectors and lovers worldwide. Our team is made up of numismatic experts and enthusiasts, and we are here to share our love for coins and this community.

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