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5 Ways to Know if HVAC Training is Right for You

If you’re thinking of enrolling in an HVAC training school, you may be wondering if it’s right for you. Here are 5 ways to know it’s the right choice.

Job openings for HVAC technicians are expected to grow by 9% in the next year – meaning attending a training school is an excellent choice to ensure you get a job right out of the gate.

1. You’re Great At Time Management

In the HVAC field, you’ll be handling multiple jobs at once, fielding calls left and right, and answering queries and quote requests throughout the day.

Attending a training school will help you manage your time effectively, learn which jobs require the most time to complete, and will help you learn which opportunities to prioritize – but you need to have these skills on your own, as well.

2. You’ve Got Mechanical Skills

Of course, your mechanical know-how doesn’t have to be perfect when you’re starting out at a school, but you do need to be comfortable around tools.

Familiarize yourself with basic terminology, and look into shadowing an HVAC technician before you start your classes to give you a leg up.

3. You’re Physically Strong

Gym classes usually aren’t a part of the course listings of an HVAC training school – but because you’ll be lifting heavy equipment, going up walk-up flights of stairs in apartments, and lugging your tools around, make sure you’re taking care of your body.

Plus, since many HVAC technicians work alone, there’s not a lot of help when it comes to the heavy lifting – and with the long days the job requires, working out will build stamina.

4. You’re An Excellent Problem Solver

Though HVAC training school courses will teach you the specific mechanics of how to fix problems, you’ll need to come to your first day of class with a can-do attitude and a willingness to work until the job is done – not when the clock says it’s time to go.

You also need to be able to keep a level head in high-stress situations. Doing so will help you to keep a clear head, making the solution to the task at hand easier to find.

You’ll have to get creative, innovative, and tap into your industry knowledge to solve some of the more complex HVAC problems out there.

5. You’re Great At Customer Service

In training school, you’ll quickly learn that not every job – or every client – is easy. Whether you’re working with a business or an individual, think of every call you make as an opportunity to improve your reputation – and therefore, gain new clients.

You should have a pleasant demeanor, keep the promises you make to customers, and have the patience to be able to explain to them what the problem is with their HVAC systems (in plain English) and your ideas about how to fix it.

You’re Ready to Attend

With over 275,000 Americans employed as HVAC technicians, attending a top training school will help give you an edge in this popular career path.

Keep doing your research to learn as much as you can about the kinds of courses often offered at an HVAC training school.

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