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How to Get IVC Filter Pre-Settlement Funding

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Every year, thousands of people have IVC filters placed to prevent pulmonary embolism. These devices pose serious risks. Are you worried that your IVC filter might be defective? Learn how to get cash now for your injuries.

Have you had an Inferior Vena Cava (IVC) Filter placed to prevent a pulmonary embolism? It is estimated that 50,000 patients a year have IVC filters placed. An IVC filter is a small medical device that is surgically implanted into a large vein that receives blood from the lower part of the body. The vein, the inferior vena cava — delivers blood to the right atrium of the heart and the heart then pumps the blood to your lungs. Inferior Vena Cava filters are supposed to catch blood clots before they travel to the heart and lungs.

The problem is that IVC filters may not work very well. A recent study published in the New England Journal of Medicine indicates that these filters do not reduce the incidence of pulmonary embolism after being placed. The researchers found no benefit of IVC filter placement after trauma for most patients.1

Additionally, these devices are often defective and cause serious complications and even death in some cases. Since 2005, there has been a high number of adverse reports related to IVC filters. In 2010 the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a warning about the risk of IVC filtercomplications. In 2014, they issued another warning indicating that these devices have a high risk of failure.

Defects in the design of these filters make them likely to migrate or break off. This can cause them to damage the inferior vena cava and other internal organs. Additionally,

IVC Filter Case Loans

IVC Filter Case Loans

many IVC filters are supposed to be retrievable. These are supposed to be removed as soon as possible to prevent complications. However, researchers have later discovered that many of these devices can’t be retrieved later as the manufacturers claimed.2

Patients have suffered immense physical and emotional pain and suffering because of defective inferior vena cava filters. Houston firefighter Jeffrey Pavlock had his IVC filter break off. Pavlock was awarded $1.2 million after he experienced perforations in both his blood vessels and organs from his IVC filter.3

In other cases, the material would travel to the lungs, heart and other vital organs causing serious injury or even death. This happened to an Indiana woman after she had an IVC filter implanted. The woman, Tonya Brand, was awarded $3 million in damages from an Indiana jury after her IVC filter broke apart and caused severe internal injuries.4

What is even more shocking is that it appears that at least one manufacturer knew that their IVC filterwas defective and had resulted in 27 deaths and many more complications. Instead of immediately taking it off the market, they simply replaced the device with another version that had similar fatal flaws.

In an expose on the issue, NBC News obtained confidential company records from medical device company C.R. Bard. The records showed that the company knew about failures related to its IVC filters and they were also aware that the replacement filter had design defects. In fact, within four months of putting the new filter on the market, C.R. Bard,learned of failures. In spite of this, C.R. Bardkept selling the devices.

Because of the defects and coverup by at least one company, more than 10,000 people have filed lawsuits against C.R. Bard Medical, Boston ScientificCook Medical and other manufacturers after having been harmed by a defective IVC filter. The lawsuits have finally prompted the companies to remove some of the devices from the market.

What To Do If You’ve Been Injured By An IVC Filter

IVC Filter Pending Litigation Loans

IVC Filter Pending Litigation Loans

If you’ve had an Eclipse,,TrapEase OptEase, Recovery, or Celect Brand IVC filter manufactured by Cook Medical, C.R. Bard Medical, the Cordis Corporation, or Boston Scientific, and you have experienced problems after having one of these devices implanted, or a loved one has died from complications related to these filters, you should contact an attorney to determine if you might be eligible for compensation. Plaintiffs have been awarded millions of dollars for IVC injuries. Some of the most common injuries associated with defective IVC filters include:

  • Pulmonary embolism
  • Cardiac issues
  • Perforated veins
  • Internal bleeding
  • Pain
  • Depression and anxiety due to complications

How Long Does It Take To Win An IVC Lawsuit? 

The length of time that it takes for an IVC lawsuit to settle depends on a variety of factors. However, these cases require significant amounts of research into your medical files before the case even goes to court. Therefore, it could take months or even years to settle your case.

Get IVC Filter Plaintiff Funding

Get IVC Filter Plaintiff Funding

Is It Possible To Get The Money Sooner? 

If you’ve been injured by an IVC filter, your injuries may have forced you to be out of work. You may have trouble paying your hospital bills, rent, or mortgage. While the great news is that you might be able to recoup money that you desperately need to pay your bills, the bad news is that it could take a while to see the money in your bank account. All the while, your bills continue to pile up.

Fortunately, you don’t have to wait around until your lawsuit settles to get the money. If you have a lawyer, you can get cash now with an IVC filter lawsuit pre-settlement loan.

What Is An IVC Filter Pre-Settlement Loan or Lawsuit Cash Advance?

An IVC filter lawsuit loan — also called pre-settlement funding — gives you access to your money before your case is settled. This money can help tide you over until you settle your case or win a judgment. Pre-settlement funding or a lawsuit loan can help alleviate financial stress.

How To Qualify

To get pre-settlement funding, you must have a lawyer working on your case. Pre-settlement loans are risk-free and don’t require an upfront fee. If you don’t win or settle your case, you won’t be required to pay back the money.

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If you have hired an attorney and you are ready to get your IVC lawsuit money now, contact us today. There is no credit check to apply for a pre-settlement loan. These loans are risk-free and you could have your money in as little as 24 hours after you apply. It’s easy to get started online today.

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