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Out-Ranking Your Competition: The Importance of Brand Marketing (And What It Can Do for You)

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What if your best employee walked off with your customer list and built a copy-cat business?

What if Amazon made a white label version of your consumer product?

What if your biggest competition bought up most of your peers?

You’d feel gutted. You’d also feel lost. Your lack of brand marketing didn’t resonate with your customers. They are left without ever associating your brand to the products or services.

Customers bounce between whom they’re buying from in their search for better deals. Yet, you can keep them around with a bit of effort in branding.

Here’s how to resonate with your market to stay relevant (and thrive).

Staying Competitive with Brand Marketing

The point of building a brand is creating lasting relationships with customers. You’re also building connections and a strong presence in your market and industry. A brand that cements their image in the industry has staying power.

Unfortunately, many business owners don’t understand their brand. They don’t know what it stands for, its values, or uniqueness. They also don’t know where to even begin with branding marketing — here’s how to fix that…

Identifying Your Brand

If you can answer these questions it will kick start your understanding of ‘branding’ basics:

  1. Who is your ideal customer?

  2. What problem do you solve?

  3. How do you present/sell yourself?

The above questions will help you form some answers to your brand identity. What’s great about this process is that you can keep refining your answers to ensure your brand identity keeps evolving.

The result you get from this exercise is a general idea of your brand.

Branding and Marketing Strategies

You won’t know your real brand until reaching your audience. This is because initial data from audience interaction and feedback will give a a clearer picture as to how relevant your brand is with your audience. What customers say about you offers an understanding of what makes your brand unique.

There are many ways to explore branding efforts. Reach more people and get more usable feedback by trying one of these strategies:

  1. Content — Create great content people want to share

  2. Service — Use social media as a customer service platform

  3. R&D — Develop new products and react to market trends

  4. Proof — Build clout and foster relationships with market players

Stay consistent in developing your brand presence.


Take a gander at the competition and do what they do better. Build off what works within the industry while incorporating marketing efforts that capture attention.

On-Going Branding Efforts

Businesses and their brands are organic. They evolve with the market and consumer demands. Those who can’t adapt will lose touch with their audience and succumb to failure.

What can you do for on-going branding and to linger in the customers’ mind?

  1. Keep your best products relevant by updating them in response to new trends

  2. Bring back “classics” and test retro campaigns to tap nostalgia

  3. Work with up-and-coming brands to connect with newer markets

  4. Grow your network/community by engaging with them.

Follow the suggestions above and your brand will enjoy staying power with customers.

Get Help Out-Ranking the Competition.

Now you know both the value and strategies of brand marketing. Your next step is aligning all efforts, goals, and values to outrank the competition. This is where we come in.

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