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This Is How Window Films Can Make Your Home Secure and Safe

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There are several different things you can do for a safer home. This is what you need to know about safety and security window films.

Have you taken all the steps for securing your home? With over 1 million burglaries in the US each year, it is crucial to consider home safety.


One of the ways you can improve your home’s safety is with window films. Tinting your home windows involves applying a polyester laminate film to your window glass. It is usually applied to the interior of your glass, but you can also apply it to the exterior.

There are different types of window films, but the best window film is safety and security tints for securing a home. A strong window film improves home safety in different ways. Read on to learn how.

It Deters Crime

Like car window tints, home window tints do not decrease your visibility but prevent people from seeing inside your property. There is no loss to your home aesthetic; in fact, it can add to it!


Window films also do not scream ‘theft deterrent,’ like other security measures such as bars on the windows. However, it can be sufficient to deter crime.


Strong window films deter opportunist burglars if they cannot see what can be quickly stolen within your property. When there is not a visible reward, some people are less inclined to strike.

The same goes for burglaries that are planned, as most burglars lookout for homes that are easy targets. Easy targets include homes without window films, security lights, or cameras, for example. It is a lot harder for a burglar to watch home movements and determine where is best to make entry when you have window films.

Improves Your Privacy

Window films usually have a mirrorlike effect, so the light is deflected, making it hard to see inside. If no one can see inside your home, you will also feel more secure.


Sometimes passersby are just nosey, but it can be unnerving to see someone peering into your home, especially if you previously had a break-in. It is better to be on the safe side and not cause extra worry, wondering who can see in your home.

It is also nice to know that no one can see private or sensitive information in your home with window films. And they cannot see what rooms are occupied. Your belongings are also more secure, and you can fully relax in your home!

Adds Security

23% of burglars use a first-floor window to break into properties. Window films slow burglars down, as it is more challenging to get through the glass.


Some may just give up, as long as you have secured other entry points such as doors. However, some will be persistent and continue to break into your property, but tinting your windows will delay their entry.

Several seconds of delay can be what you need to alert to police of an intruder. They are likely to make more noise, too, as they struggle to get in. So, if you are not at home, it also gives neighbors more time to raise the alarm and for police to get to the property before anything is stolen.

Prevents Vandalism

Window films do not just reduce window maintenance costs. They can also prevent vandalism, such as graffiti. Strong window film protects against scratches and other damage that would otherwise be costly to fix.

Window films also make it easy to remove any graffiti. Instead of spending money cleaning your windows or replacing glass, you can simply replace the window film. You can ask about specific anti-vandalism window film, which is often used by businesses.

Accident Home Safety

The best window film also protects against other home safety risks, such as accidents. Many accidents can happen in the home involving the windows. For example, something could hit against the window and smash, or someone can fall against the window.

However, strong window film prevents the accident from worsening with a shattered window.


Security window films are the best window film to protect everyone from broken glass. Windows can shatter due to break-ins, explosions, vandalism, accidents, or a weather event.

However, tinting home windows can add a layer of protection to prevent it from happening. If the glass breaks, it is less likely to shatter into thousands of tiny pieces. It helps reduce property damage and protects inhabitants.

UV Protection

Securing your home also involves your health. Did you know that your windows do not protect you from the sun’s ultraviolet rays? Over 50% of UVA rays can penetrate windows, which can cause premature skin aging and skin cancer.


UV rays can also damage your furniture and electronics. Improve your home safety with window films. If blocking UV rays is your main priority, speak to the window tinting company for advice on what window films block the most UV rays.

You also do not need to worry that light will reduce within your home. You will still get to make the most out of your windows but without the safety risks.

Prevents Natural Disaster Damage

When hurricane season or a heavy storm comes around, your windows can be at risk of breaking. In Georgia especially, downburst winds can be destructive. Depending on the down pressure of your windows, they can begin to break over 70 mph.

Tinting home windows can help reduce the level of damage windows causes from natural disasters. If they do end up breaking, it is more likely to be a small break than the entire window shattering. The film helps keep the glass within the frame, reducing how much rain, wind, and other storm-related debris gets inside your home.

Install Security Window Films

There are many window films available, but if you want them to improve your home safety, use security films. Other films have different purposes, so you need to choose the best window film for your needs.


Be sure to pick a reputable company to provide and install strong window film. They will be able to advise on the best window film for securing a home.


Are you in Georgia and want to start tinting your windows? We specialize in window tinting at Maximum Shade TintingContact us today to learn about our different security window films.

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