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OrderOut Opens its API to Small and Mid-Size Restaurant Point-of-Sale Systems


Miami, FL – October 31th, 2023 – OrderOut, a cloud-based, third-party food delivery management system for restaurants, excitedly announces the release of its Free Public API to small and mid-sized point-of-sale (POS) systems. Prior to this strategic move, OrderOut was exclusive to Clover. This exclusivity allowed OrderOut to master the integration between food delivery services and Clover by becoming the best reviewed delivery app on Clover Marketplace. With this free Public API, OrderOut is now allowing any Point-Of-Sale to integrate with UberEats, DoorDash and Grubhub.

As of 2023, if a restaurant accepts online delivery orders with UberEats, DoorDash or Grubhub, its revenue is projected to increase by 12.2%. Utilizing these platforms offers immense benefits for restaurants, such as improved visibility, decreased labor costs, and expanding market outreach. In fact, many restaurants partner with multiple delivery services to maximize these advantages, but find it tough to keep track of the orders and their menus. Third-party providers typically provide restaurants with a tablet that tracks incoming orders. A restaurant utilizing three delivery services would then need to manage orders on three different devices, along with their in-house orders. The OrderOut API now empowers POS owners to seamlessly streamline third-party delivery service orders. These orders can be fully integrated into any point-of-sale system, offering a more efficient and unified experience for both businesses and their customers.

“At OrderOut, we believe accessibility is the key to innovation. By opening our API to small and mid-sized point-of-sale systems, we can reach a wider audience and continue to elevate our interface, technologies and integration capabilities. Our goal is to transform the local business and third-party food delivery service industry so that consumers and restaurants have a seamless, convenient experience when ordering or fulfilling orders–regardless of which third-party app they prefer to utilize,” says Thibault Le Conte , CEO of OrderOut.

Today, any small or mid-sized POS system can effortlessly integrate with OrderOut for Free. To get started, visit, and receive instant access to the API. For any business inquiries, contact [email protected]. We take pride in our user-friendly onboarding API, which is meticulously designed to operate seamlessly without any manual intervention. This means that any POS system can independently onboard, support, and manage third-party delivery services without relying on OrderOut’s team.

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About OrderOut:

OrderOut is a cloud-based retail system that allows restaurants to seamlessly integrate multiple third-party food delivery services into one place by utilizing their existing point-of-sale system to eliminate errors, missed orders, and delays often associated with manual entry. Ubereats integration, Grubhub integration, and Doordash api is easy with OrderOut!

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