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9 Totally Cool Upcycle Projects for Those Who Love Repurposing Items

Do you have a ton of leftover things that you don’t know what to do with?

If you’re someone that doesn’t like wasting things, or you just want to create a cool and unique environment, repurposing items will allow you to make use out of almost anything.

There are many easy upcycle ideas that you can take advantage of to avoid throwing more things in the trash. You can get creative and find a use out of most things that people would consider useless.

Continue reading to learn about some upcycle projects that you can do in your home.

1. Use Books as a Knife Block

If you’re someone that wants to add decoration to your kitchen while also adding functionality, repurposing books to make a knife block will give your kitchen a great addition. 

You can bind several together with a piece of rope. Using books can be better than a traditional knife block because you can fit more knives within a book. With a traditional knife block, you only have a certain amount of slots.

2. Turn Old Tub into Couch

Rather than throwing an old tub away, you can turn it into a sofa. Old, ceramic tubs are heavy enough to prevent sliding around, and you can upholster seats onto them. Their curved interiors make for comfortable backrests.

You can cut the side of a tub to allow you to sit on it, and then sand down the sides that were cut to prevent scraping and cutting yourself. 

3. Use a Wooden Ladder as Shelf

Ladders make for great shelves because of their various flat pieces. Ladders vary in shapes and sizes, allowing you to make a variety of shelves depending on what you need. 

If you have any wooden ladders lying around, you can cut them to the size that you’d like and paint them any color. Then you can mount some screws into your wall and hang it.

4. Transform Nightstand into Plant Display

Old nightstands can be used for plant displays because they have room on their surfaces for various pots. If you have a nightstand that has a drawer, you can fill the inside with soil and let the plants sprout from the drawer.

If you decide to use a wooden drawer to grow plants, make sure you waterproof the inside. A simple solution is lining the inside with something like a plastic sheet.

5. Make Lights out of Mason Jars and Bottles

One of the items that rarely get reused is glass bottles. These are often thrown away immediately after use. With both mason jars and glass bottles, you can make unique lights that give your home a rustic look.

You can cut the bottom of the glass to give you access to the inside. You can also attach a wire from the ceiling into the bottle with a cork or lid. 

6. Car Bonnets Have Several Uses

Just like bathtubs, car bonnets can be used to make sofas. However, because car bonnets vary depending on the model of vehicle, they can also be used for other things.

If you have a large truck bonnet, you can upcycle it into a countertop. These are best used if you’d like to make a bar. Some models, such as jeeps, can make for great desks, too!

7. Make a Table Out of a Cable Drum

Cable drums are used to carry large, electrical wires. One of the common repurpose crafts, these drums are often used to create a rustic, punkish environment. All you need to do is place the drum on its side to use it as a table!

They are easy to move because you can roll them, and you can decorate them in any way you’d like. You can also mount a cushion to one side of the drum to turn it into a small stool.

8. Turn Pallets into Furniture

Pallets can be used to make several pieces of furniture. They’re designed to carry a large number of objects and have openings that allow for forklifts and trolleys to pick them up.

Pallets can be nailed and crewed together to form tables, chairs, and sofas. You can also use pallets as a headboard for your bed. If you want to get creative, you can thread Christmas lights through the openings.

It’s easy to find extra pallets at your local stores. They will often store leftover pallets on a used pallet rack

9. Turn Your Instruments into Shelves

Instruments are longterm investments, but they need to be replaced after a while. If you have any leftover instruments, such as a guitar or piano, you can turn the inside into a set of shelves.

For a guitar, remove the face and mount shelves on the interior. For a piano, you can remove the legs and cover. Because pianos are often large, you may not be able to mount it against the wall.

If your piano is large, install rubber pads on the flat side to prevent your floor from getting scratched.

Start Doing Upcycle Projects Today

Rather than throwing things away, try to find a use for the items that you have. There are many items you have in your home that can be used for something else, and your home will stand out.

Upcycle projects will give you something to do, and it will prevent things from going where they shouldn’t. Things like plastic can accidentally be thrown in the trash, which results in polluting the earth.

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