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Often referred to as a nose job, the rhinoplasty procedure is used to change or improve the size and shape of the nose. Our surgeons at Sacramento Surgical Arts, PC, we are highly experienced and have gone through extensive training. We can help you choose the procedure that will improve the shape of your nose so that it harmonizes with the rest of your face. The nose surgery procedure is accomplished by contouring and sculpting the cartilage and bone which give the nose its shape. We use a small incision inside the nose so that it will not be visible.

Typically, A Nose Job In Sacramento Can Be Used To Correct:

  • A nose that is too wide
  • A long or hooked nose
  • A nasal hump
  • A nose that is too small or too large
  • A misshapen or crooked nose

Although nose jobs are commonly thought to achieve aesthetic goals, rhinoplasty is also used to correct sinus disorders and deformities which cause breathing problems.

Improving The Appearance With Nose Surgery

Every single nose surgery is different, because every patient has a unique nasal and facial structure. This is why we meet with you to take the time to put together an individualized plan for you. If you are looking for cosmetic surgery in Sacramento, we can help.

During your initial and any subsequent consultations, we will discuss your goals and the outcome you are hoping to achieve from nose surgery. We want to be sure that your goals are realistic and ensure that you are comfortable with the surgeon who will be performing the cosmetic surgery procedure on your nose. If there is a certain nose shape you know that you like, you should bring photographs in with you during the evaluation. This will allow us to determine an attractive and realistic shape for your procedure.

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