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Nonstop Autonomous Cars are Coming!

Drive Nonstop 162 km/h on a dedicated passageway! 

Nonstop High-Speed, High-Frequency running and New Transportation


United States, May 5, 2022 — Autonomous vehicle technology capable of nonstop high-speed driving in the city center has been developed. A tunnel-type dedicated passageway for autonomous vehicles is installed in the city center, allowing autonomous vehicles to drive at a high speed of Nonstop 162 km/h.

It succeeded in commercializing autonomous vehicles by providing autonomous vehicles with exclusive channels for autonomous vehicles in the form of tunnels with no obstacles and allowing autonomous vehicles with level #4 of autonomous driving to drive nonstop high-speed.

Fully autonomous cars are difficult to complete the technology, but autonomous cars that drive only on dedicated passages that are completely closed up, down, left, and right can safely drive at high speeds in the city center even if they are not complete technology.

Autonomous cars on double-decker dedicated passages can not only drive nonstop high-speed but also operate at high frequency, allowing passengers to transport up to three times as much as the subway, making it a future-type new means of transportation to solve traffic problems in the city.

The dedicated passageway with good straightness enables nonstop high-speed driving, and autonomous vehicles can narrow the distance between cars, increasing the capacity, and the double-decker passageway and multi-lane road can greatly increase traffic volume.

Nonstop high-speed and high-capacity public transportation will greatly alleviate urban traffic difficulties. Hyperloop, flying cars, and autonomous cars have to wait a long time for commercialization, but a dedicated passageway with level #4 autonomous cars can be built immediately.

Nonstop autonomous cars will always wait for passengers and offer cheap fares, seating system, the best ride, optimal accessibility, all-weather use, real-time delivery, and the fastest travel.

In particular, private autonomous cars with level #4 or higher can also drive nonstop high-speed through dedicated passages.

All of these advantages have made it possible to commercialize autonomous cars, and autonomous driving has been realized with performance that exceeds the expected effect of completely autonomous vehicles.

This new transportation technology has many innovative structures and meticulous engineering designs to become large-capacity transportation, and can be found on YouTube and its website.

As an example, under The New York Line plan, citizens in Manhattan can travel at 100 MPH nonstop.

Details can be found on YouTube or the website, and BT Co. Ltd. is waiting for investment and orders.

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