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Why Don’t People Believe in Climate Change? a Discussion About Deniers

In 2017 the Earth’s global surface temperatures were the second warmest on record since 1880. 

So why don’t people believe in climate change?

Many people are climate change skeptics and do not see the global rising temperatures as an issue. Read on to learn the biggest reasons why people don’t believe in climate change. (And how you can help fight back.)

Climate Change Is Natural

Many climate change deniers believe climate change is a natural trend in the Earth’s cycle. The Earth’s climate has gone through seven distinct cycles in the last 650,000 years.

These natural cycles were caused by small changes in the Earth’s orbit and how much energy from the sun our planet received. 

However, the current global temperature increase has been exponentially higher than these previous, natural climate changes. There is more than a 95 percent probability that it is the direct result of human activity in the last century and a half. 

Since the Industrial Revolution, an increased carbon footprint has created a heat-trapping blanket effect over the atmosphere and warmed the planet at a rate higher than the natural cycle.

Check out the Climate Leadership Council for more information! 

Life Will Evolve

Even if Planet Earth is heating up, life will evolve. After all, it’s survival of the fittest, right?

Not exactly.

All livings things on the Earth are comprised of different trophic structures, which organize organisms into different levels based on the amount of energy they consume. It shows the feeding relationship that connects all of the producers and consumers.

It’s comprised of five key levels described here from bottom to top:

  1. Plants and Algae

  2. Herbivores

  3. Secondary Consumers (Ex. Dogs)

  4. Tertiary Consumers (Ex. Big Cats)

  5. Apex Predators (Ex. Humans)

By 2100, the number of days it’s possible for plants to grow could decrease by 11%. This will result in fewer plants and directly affect the food chain–including humans. 

If It Rains a Lot Can’t Be That Warm  

Global warming deniers may point out the rain as evidence against climate change. However, the increase in rain is direct evidence that climate change exists.

As the atmosphere becomes warmer, evaporation rates increase, vapor gathers as clouds, and then there’s rainfall from those clouds. The increase in rain over time will likely cause more flooding over land. 

There’s No Scientific Consensus

Climate deniers often say there’s no scientific consensus on global warming. However, more than 97 percent of peer-reviewed scientific journals show that scientists agree climate change is most likely due to human activity. 

Why Don’t People Believe in Climate Change?

It can be frustrating to ask why don’t people believe in climate change. Remember the science that supports the claim.

Take a deep breath. Try having an open dialogue with climate change skeptics, not a heated argument. 

After all, we all live on this magnificent Blue Planet together. We’ve got this!

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