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7 Wonderful Reasons Custom Embroidery Is a Great Gift

58% of people surveyed agreed that shopping for gifts is stressful. While holiday shopping can be stressful due to crowds or excessive spending, buying gifts, in general, is not always very easy either.

Finding a gift that you know the recipient will love is quite a task. If you don’t know what the person needs or if you feel like they already have everything they want, it can almost feel impossible.

Luckily, custom embroidered gifts can help you find something that will be different and remarkable when compared to any other gifts your loved one receives. 

If you’re considering a custom embroidery gift for someone you love, keep reading below to find our top 7 reasons why it is a great idea to buy one.

1. Custom Embroidery Gifts Show Thought

The saying is “it’s the thought that counts” and with custom embroidery, you are showing the recipient that you actually did put thought into the gift.

Not only did you take the time to think of a gift that you thought the person would love, but you also had it custom embroidered with something you thought would make it even better.

The personalization that you can put into a customized gift is special enough.

If you are letting the recipient know that you really considered what would be best to get them, they will enjoy the gift even more.

Customizing embroidery specifically, however, shows them that you want others to be able to see the specialized part of the item. 

Alternatively, you don’t have to put the embroidery right where people will see it. If it’s an inside joke or something that you think would be more fun to have hidden within the item, that’s always an option as well. 

2. Embroidered Gifts Are Always Appropriate

It can be stressful buying a gift for certain occasions, especially if you know that the person has high expectations or you put a lot of pressure on yourself to find the perfect item.

However, an embroidered gift is always going to suit the situation. You can get this item for almost any type of bash or soiree you attend.

For example, you can easily make custom embroidery for:

  • Birthday parties
  • Weddings
  • Bachelor or bachelorette parties
  • Anniversaries
  • Baby showers
  • Housewarming parties

You could buy a baby blanket for a baby shower and have the soon-to-be-born child’s name embroidered onto the side. Alternatively, you could find a lovely sunhat for your friend that loves going to the beach, and embroider their initials on the rim for a birthday gift.

A personalized product is appropriate for any occasion, and choosing to buy something with extra meaning behind it will remind the person of that day every time they look at it.

3. Embroidery Can Be Worn

You can make a clothing gift extra special if it is personalized.

Choosing to buy custom embroidery over general embroidery means you can give someone an item in their wardrobe that no one else owns.

There are a lot of clothing items that can be embroidered, like sweatshirts, t-shirts, or even shoes. A popular gift option for any age is custom embroidery hats.

If you find something that is really cool and you want the recipient to be able to show it off, why not put it on something that they wear on a regular basis? This way, they can remember that you got them an awesome gift and that they have something in their closet that is special.

4. Customization Doesn’t Have to Cost So Much

Many people think that customizing anything automatically means the price is going to be a lot higher than if you just bought it as-is. The truth is that customizing any product doesn’t have to be expensive if you find the right shop.

Some shops will charge an arm and a leg to customize something, especially if it is a large item. If you find the shop that you chose is charging more than the standard rate, go to a different shop!

There are a number of options to choose from because embroidery is such a popular gift. You can even buy custom embroidery online if you want.

They will be able to send you a mock-up of the final product before they start working on it to be sure it will look exactly as you envisioned. 

5. Custom Embroidery Tells Them You Know Them

Receiving a standard gift of something like socks or slippers from a loved one is nice, but it’s not very specific. You know that they probably didn’t know what to get you, so they just decided to buy you something that everyone “needs,” right?

By choosing an item for someone and embroidering it before gifting it to them, you are showing them that you know what they want, need, and like. 

If your friend or a family member has previously told you something specific that they wanted but weren’t able to find, custom embroidery is your answer. You can create the item that you know they want.

You wouldn’t choose to embroider an item that you know they wouldn’t love! Adding the personalized touch makes it more unique and makes it specific to the person that you chose it for.

A custom embroidery product can be tailored toward an item you know they will like, but also an item you know they will love to look at.

It’s a win-win for someone that wants to give a great gift and show their friend how much they care.

6. You Can Embroider Items They Already Use

One way to know for certain that your gift is going to be loved and utilized on a regular basis is to choose something that they already use.

Of course, if you actually take the item they always have on hand away, they will likely notice. You could always ask permission to embroider something that they own if you feel that would be a better option for your friend or family member!

However, another option is to buy something that is very similar or identical to what they love, and embroider that product instead!

For instance, if you have a friend that loves photography and has a well-worn camera strap that could use some love, an embroidered camera strap looks even cooler. 

Another idea is to have your mother’s knitting bag embroidered with her favorite flowers or cute animals doing their own knitting. 

The point is that you can ensure your recipient will love their gift if you find them a custom embroidery item that they already use. The new one may get even more use than the old one once they see how fun it is! 

7. You Can Embroider Almost Anything

There are clearly some items that cannot be embroidered, like types of food or glass. These types of items cannot be stitched through, so embroidery is clearly not a good idea. 

However, most items that you probably planned to gift anyway can be embroidered!

You always have the option to buy a gift and then get it embroidered separately.

You can also learn how to do embroidery yourself if you’re interested in the craft. If you plan to go this route, remember that it is something that takes practice to become good at. 

Some of the things that you can add embroidery to that you may not have thought about before are:

  • Artwork
  • Business cards
  • Fabric holiday ornaments
  • Graduation caps
  • Coasters
  • Ski jackets
  • Lunch bags
  • Book covers
  • Stuffed animals

The possibilities are endless! If you have a general idea of something that you’d like to give as a gift, chances are, it can be embroidered. You can choose any color, pattern, style, or picture that you want to make the gift extra special. 

Remember that an embroidered gift shows more effort was put into the gift. If you’re giving something simple, like socks or a sweatshirt, why not add an extra special flair to it before you give it away?

Choose Custom Embroidery for Your Next Gift

Don’t ruin the fun of an occasion by worrying so much about the gift you’re going to buy. Take the stress out of gift-giving, and buy your loved one a custom embroidery gift this year. 

Whether you are attending your parents’ 50th wedding anniversary or your baby brother’s bar mitzvah, it is the perfect gift for all occasions. 

Are you looking for even more great retail items you can buy? If so, check out our Retail section for additional articles like this one! 

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