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MCC: What Is a Mobile Command Center?

What is a mobile command center? Who uses them and for what? Find the answers here.

The short answer is that mobile command centers are an HQ on wheels for anyone who needs it. They’re extremely instrumental in preventing/solving crimes and containing emergency situations.

To learn more, read all about it below.

What Is a Mobile Command Center?

A mobile command center, also known as a mobile command post, is essentially an office/communication hub on wheels. It provides workspaces, computers, internet connectivity, a telephone system, and other communication tools. It’s also equipped with organized storage space like cabinets and any other equipment necessary.

This mobile office is contained within a large truck so it can transport these services wherever and whenever they’re suddenly needed. 

Who Uses a Mobile Command Center?

A mobile command center is used primarily by police and other safety officials. The vehicle makes these agencies able to carry out emergency services and other important work close to the situation at hand. This is much more practical than trying to take control of the situation from an office miles away.

Also, local communication services are often interrupted by disastrous situations. These mobile command centers can transport communication services to places where they have been cut off. This way, the emergency service officials who are already addressing the situation gain access to the communication tools they need.

What Are Some Common/Important Uses of Mobile Command Centers?

How do mobile command centers help in emergency situations? Here are several examples.

Natural/Man-Made Disasters

As stated, natural disasters such as earthquakes often knock out communication services in affected areas. So do manmade disasters like industrial accidents. Mobile command centers bring emergency workers the communication tools they need to contain and improve the situation.

Bomb Units

One thing action movies get right is that bomb units need to act fast. One minute wasted could be the difference between life and death. So, a single dropped call when communicating to headquarters could mean disastrous failure.

Bomb units rely on clear communication close at hand. Mobile command centers give them this.

Crime Labs

There are plenty of other time-sensitive crimes that also need help close by and right away. Mobile command centers can be an on-call mobile crime lab.

Event Security

Mobile command centers can also be used by private security for large events. This is especially useful if the building hosting the event doesn’t have enough equipment to handle security needs.

Mobile Command Centers Save Lives

Do you need more communication equipment for your time-sensitive military operation or civilian event? A mobile command center is exactly what you need. If you know someone who could use a mobile command center, please share this information with them.

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