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NapNap Canada: Say Goodbye to Sleepless Nights With New Vibrating Baby Mattress

Say goodbye to sleepless nights and hello to the NapNap Canada, the all-new baby mattress that provides soothing vibrations to rock babies right to sleep.


Ontario, CA, 20 December 2021 – NapNap has created a solution to sleepless nights with the NapNap Canada mat, the all-new Baby mattress that combines innovative technology with lessons from Mother Nature. It’s the mattress that mimics the soft, soothing vibrations felt by babies within their mother’s wombs. As a result, the NapNap Canada improves breathing, reduces colic, and boosts sleep, so mommy and baby can get the good night’s rest that they both deserve.

Adjusting to a newborn baby’s sleep schedule can be challenging and not just for the baby, but for the parents, as well. That’s why NapNap has created a solution for overtired, sleep-deprived parents everywhere, with the award-winning Sleeping Mattress for little ones. It provides a restful sleep for newborn babies up to six months old.

In addition, it works with progressive modes that read the baby’s internal body language to give babies the soothing sleep they so crave. And thanks to the batteries’ long-lasting durability, NapNap / Napnap Canada baby mattress offers up to 10 full hours of soothing sounds and vibrations to give a much-needed break to the parents of newborns across the globe.

Parents in Canada and the United States can now enjoy the same soothing technology that parents in Australia, the United Kingdom, and other parts of the world have been fans of for a while. NapNap is quickly becoming one of the world’s most beloved baby brands and has now set sights on expanding to Canada. For parents who have been struggling to get a good night’s sleep since the arrival of their baby, there is a new solution.

NapNap Canada knows that parents only want the very best for their babies. That’s why NapNap mattresses use both the latest technological advances combined with age-old secrets derived straight from Mother Nature to provide a winning recipe for a good night’s sleep for both parents and baby.

No more sleepless nights. No more crying baby. No more struggle and no more fight.

Parents all over Canada are welcoming the NapNap baby mattress into their homes today. Thanks to NapNap Canada, babies and their parents are now sleeping soundly, giving them the energy that they need to play and enjoy the most memorable moments in every parents’ life.

About NapNap Canada: NapNap Canada offers an award-winning sleeping mattress for babies that combines white noise and vibration to provide restful sleep. The NapNap Canada is a vibrating mattress that mimics the mother’s womb for newborn babies up to six months old, accompanied by soothing white noise, to help babies relax and sleep soundly.

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