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Top 10 Best Waterproof Socks for 2020

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Top 10 Best Waterproof Socks

We all love Mother Nature! But let us agree on one thing; she can be brutal just as she is gentle. This is especially true when the heavens open and there is a heavy downpour. Understandably, most of us will pass on the opportunity to go outside in such conditions; the cold and wetness can prove to be quite unforgiving!

Nevertheless, for the avid outdoorsmen who can’t wait for the chance to explore the open spaces, the right clothing gear should be enough to brave the outdoors even during the harsh cold season.

Whether you’re a hiker, jogger, camper, or just an adventurer, one of the most important accessories you can have is the right pair of socks. And I’m not just talking about any ordinary socks; a nice pair of waterproof socks!

Waterproof Socks Buying Guide

When shopping for the best waterproof socks, the following are features that you should consider to find a pair that will offer you the best bang for your buck!


Clearly, the primary function of “waterproof” socks is to protect your feet from wetness. There is usually a great deal of discomfort that comes from wearing wet shoes. It’s not just the irritating wetness but also the cold you feel. Not to mention that prolonged exposure to such conditions can result in hypothermia, frostbite, tissue damage, among a host of other health hazards.

The right waterproof socks will protect you from this.

That’s why manufacturers use a mixture of fabrics in the construction of the sock.

In most cases, these socks feature three layers in their build, with a waterproof material layer that keeps the water inside your shoes from getting to your feet. Remember to check the materials used in the construction of the socks to see how water resistant they are.


Comfort is paramount when you decide to brave the cold weather and venture into the outdoors, and this is exactly what you should expect from the waterproof socks you’re buying. This, you can tell right from the design of the socks, their thickness, and even their fit.

The right socks should prioritise your comfort throughout the time you’ll be wearing them, especially if you’ll be doing this for a long time. Check for extra cushioning and padding on the heels and toes to absorb the pressure from the ground as you walk.

Comfort will go a long way in making your outdoor experience fulfilling!


The pair of waterproof socks you buy should be able to serve you diligently for years despite using them on a regular. Remember that these socks will cost you more than ordinary ones, so the value you get from them should reflect their price.

The construction of the socks should be rugged enough to cope with the outdoors and feature high-grade materials that are resistant to wear and tear. This means that the little debris like stones, twigs, and pieces of glass that may find their way inside your shoes shouldn’t be able to tear of puncture the socks. You don’t want to start replacing your waterproof socks after just a few trips to the outdoors.


Breathability is quite important, especially if you’ll be wearing the socks for extended periods. Generally, these socks have a thick profile and wearing them in humid conditions will eventually lead to perspiration.

When your feet begin to sweat, the moisture should find a way of getting out so that you’re not dealing with the “wetness” issue once again.

The waterproof socks you buy should be breathable enough to ensure this and allow free airflow to your feet for them to breathe.


It is important to wear socks that perfectly fit your feet so that they don’t end up causing you discomfort. An ill-fitting sock can cause pain, numbness, and interfere with the circulation of blood in your legs; which is not something you want to deal with in the middle of an adventure.

The right material for waterproof socks should be stretchy and flexible to align with the shape and size of your feet. The socks should hug your skin tightly (but not too tightly) to prevent them from slipping down when you start walking or running. They should also be able to maintain their shape even after multiple cycles of use and subsequent trips to the washer.


A warranty comes in handy when you want to protect your investment, and ensures that you won’t be left holding the short end of the stick. Nothing assures a customer more than a vendor who’s willing to bet on their products with a warranty.

This way, you can trust that what has been advertised about the item is what will be delivered. And if at all the product falls short of your expectations, you have the liberty to ask for a refund or a replacement!

The Best Waterproof Socks

🥇Our Number 1 Choice: ArcticDry Kneelength Waterproof Socks

ArcticDry Ultimate Outdoors Waterproof Socks





These amazing waterproof socks from ArcticDry are available in medium, large, and extra-large sizes, meaning they can be worn by children, as well as adults.

They boast a formidable three-layer construction featuring a mixture of spandex, nylon, and CoolMax material.

The inner layer consists of a waterproof membrane that prevents moisture from getting to your feet even when fully submerged.

The thick construction of the sock makes them comfortable to walk in and extra padding on the heels and toes reduces the strain of walking on hard surfaces. the stretchy spandex material makes for just the right fit when you wear them.

Despite being made of 3 layers, these socks are thin enough to remain breathable. And with an impermeable layer in the middle, you won’t have to worry about suffocating your feet when you wear these socks for prolonged periods.

The ArcticDry knee-length socks are as tough as they come. The sturdy design is abrasion resistant; it cannot be punctured by stones and branches that may get into your shoes.

This makes them quite durable and will maintain their shape even after using them for years.

The best part is that they are very multifunctional and can be used for practically any outdoor adventure, including skiing, snorkeling, hiking, fishing, running, just to mention a few.

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🥇Our Number 2 Choice: ArcticDry Kneelength Waterproof Socks

ArcticDry Xtreme ICE Blue Waterproof Socks




Just like its sibling above, these waterproof socks offer you the kind of performance that is needed for the tough outdoor conditions; the only difference is that they don’t rise to the knee.

They are 100% waterproof, meaning you can go fishing, snowboarding, hiking, rowing, or even water skiing and not have to worry about wet feet. Your comfort is guaranteed with the 3-layer construction on these socks. They are bouncy and cozy to walk in, ensuring that you can trek for hours on end without feeling a pinch on your feet.




A waterproof lining in the inner layer of the socks has been designed in a special way that keeps water from getting to your feet but has a porous construction that allows water vapor to escape to the outside.

Hence, your feet will remain dry and breathe freely for more comfort.

These socks will fit snugly and hold tightly on your skin when you walk. They have a charming design with a nice blend of “ICE blue” which makes them an even greater joy to don. The heels and toes are padded to improve traction and guarantee that you won’t slip inside your wet shoes when you are running or walking in tricky terrain.

Dexshell Hytherm Pro Waterproof Socks




This is yet another remarkable pair of waterproof socks from Dexshell that will come in handy when you find yourself in wet conditions. The socks are designed with a microporous Porelle membrane, which is hydrophobic to prevent moisture from reaching your feet.

The construction further involves a polyurethane combination that enables the socks to retain their shape even after continued washing and steam cleaning. You’ll be very comfortable when wearing these socks. They are large and thick, making them the perfect accessories for endurance running.


Their seamless design makes for the right fit and the bottom is extra cushioned so that you don’t feel any discomfort during long periods of walking.

This also means that there will be no blisters or soreness on your feet by the time you get back home after the adventure. Apart from keeping your feet dry, the socks are also made with merino wool which has impeccable insulating capabilities.

The merino reacts to your skin temperature and maintains it inside so that your feet remain dry and warm at all times.

Finally, the socks are quite easy to care for; you can hand wash them or throw them in the washing machine to clean. Just ensure that the machine wash is below 40 degrees Celsius.

SEALSKINZ Waterproof Cold Weather Mid Length Sock




These socks offer you a superior construction with a blend of high-quality fabrics such as elastane, polyester, merino wool, nylon, and acrylic to make for an unbeatable design.

This blend of materials helps to provide a balance between waterproofing and breathability while still delivering a durable product that will last you for years.

The socks are elastic and ensure that you get a comfortable fit when you wear them. The merino wool fabric helps to keep you warm when it’s cold and cool when the weather is warm, so you can never feel uncomfortable in them.


There is a hydro-stop interlining membrane that works to fend off water molecules, ensuring that your feet remain dry and warm when it’s raining. The bottom of the sock is padded to offer you extra comfort. This reduces the pressure exerted on the soles of your feet when you trek on rocky and mountainous regions.

This also prevents blisters from forming. Flat toe seams help to prevent rubbing when walking so that you don’t feel any discomfort that might mess up your time in the outdoors. The Sealskinz mid-length deliver the results you’ve been promised and do this better than many sock brands at a higher price point.

SEALSKINZ Waterproof All Weather Ankle Sock




This is another quality waterproof sock from Sealskinz that will make for happy days in the outdoors. It is one of the lightest waterproof socks out there, making them quite practical and comfortable to wear.

They are 100% waterproof, windproof, and breathable, protecting you form practically anything that Mother Nature throws at you. A Merino wool lining on the inside has been used to help control moisture while enhancing your comfort. The Y-gore heel construction on the sock makes for a secure fit while keeping your feet at ease during treacherous treks.


The toe closure has been designed to have a flat seam, which keeps your toes from rubbing against one another and causing you discomfort. Finally, you get a lifetime guarantee when you purchase this product, proving that you are getting the value you deserve!

Dexshell Bamboo Ultralite waterproof socks




The Dexshell Bamboo waterproof socks are easy on the eyes with a gray and black striped design that will fit any of your outdoor outfits. They are light and thin to ensure that you won’t feel any added weight when you wear them with your boots. Unlike the Sealskinz we’ve talked about earlier, these socks do not have a Merino wool inner layer. Instead, they substituted it with bamboo fibers, which act as a great alternative to Merino wool. This is because they are less expensive, softer, and tougher. The socks feel smooth on your skin and you will use them for years before you start noticing any wear and tear.


The only downside of bamboo fiber is that it doesn’t offer the kind of odor-control you get from Merino, meaning you might have to deal with a little stench when you remove the socks after use. However, you can always throw them in water to prevent this. These socks also feature a hydrophobic membrane that prevents water from getting inside, helping to keep your feet dry and warm. Their thin and light design makes them very practical for everyday use. You don’t have to wait for the tough outdoor adventures to wear them. You’ll feel right at home when you include them in your work or every-day outfit.

RANDY SUN Unisex Trekking Sock


These mid-length socks come with a unique design to go with exciting colors that allow you to stay fashionable even as you battle the tough outdoors. They are constructed using a mixture of high-grade materials, including polyester, nylon, elastane, and CoolMax in its triple-layer design to give you a high-performance footgear. The unique construction helps to balance between water resistance and breathability. Its outer nylon layer is 100% waterproof and serves to prevent water molecules from going through, helping to keep them dry and warm. Meanwhile, the inner layer will effectively wick out vapor to the exterior so that you don’t have sweat-drenched feet.

The interior lining of the socks is knitted from yarn with antibacterial properties, which helps to stave off infection and bad odor, no matter how long you’ll be wearing the socks. The shoe box has a smooth surface for your comfort, and this is reinforced by extra padding on the heel and toes to absorb shock while walking, saving you the soreness after a day-long adventure. Finally, these socks have a thin profile that does not add bulkiness or weight to your feet. The elasticity makes for a fitting design that will be suitable for both men and women. In whatever kind of outdoor expedition you’re planning, you can never go wrong with the RANDY SUN!

OTTER Waterproof breathable socks


These mid-length socks from Otter will impress you with their charming design. They come in a delightful blend of black and red colors that you can easily incorporate into your outfit. The socks are 100% waterproof and will protect you from moisture when you have to venture into wet territory. The outer layer of the sock features a hardwearing polyamide that gives it a rugged construction. This should guarantee you that the socks will serve you diligently for years without easily giving in to the forces of wear and tear.

Several materials have been used in the making of these wonderful socks. But the sock still maintains a thin and close-fitting profile that will fit snugly on your lower legs. The use of spandex makes the socks stretchy to ensure that it will not suffocate or interfere with blood circulation.

The merino wool has insulating properties that help to keep your feet conveniently warm or cool depending on the exterior weather conditions. Additionally, the acrylic yarn used in the knitting of the socks serves to wick sweat from the feet and releases it outside, helping to provide a balance between waterproofness and breathability. The socks are very practical and would be suitable for all kinds of outdoor sports.

DEKINMAX Waterproof Socks


This another great product with a simple design that will be suitable for all your outdoor adventures. These socks come with a sturdy three-layer construction that will protect you from water, as well as the cold outdoor wind. The outer layer is made of a mixture of nylon and rubber, which makes it durable while giving it a stretchy profile to make for the right fit.

The middle layer is waterproof and features a breathable film to ensure that your feet get to enjoy some fresh air from outside. This also means that whenever you sweat, the vapor can escape through the porous membrane to keep your feet dry and comfortable in humid weather.

You don’t have to worry about smelly feet when you get back home after your outdoor escapades. The comfortable mesh accelerates sweat spreading, helping to keep your feet odorless. These socks also feature a reinforced heel construction, which increases their durability.

They come in four different sizes to fit various foot sizes and their length makes them applicable in several activities. You can use them while cycling, skiing, trekking, or even on your daily commute to work and expect the same great performance. To show that they stand by their product, the manufacturer offers a full money-back guarantee!

Rocky Men’s Gore-Tex Waterproof Socks


The Rocky Gore-Tex socks are more of an outer shell; they are designed to be worn over regular socks but are conveniently lightweight not to add any bulkiness or weight on your feet. These socks feature Gore-Tex material in their construction which prevents water from getting to your feet. This is reinforced by taped seams that keep water from leaking in and ensuring that your feet remain dry in wet conditions.

The Gore-Tex material is still breathable and ensures that fresh air from outside gets to your feet. This versatility allows you to wear the socks in the hot sun, as well as in the cold rain without feeling any discomfort.

The socks have an 11-inch height and can be worn by both men and women.

This makes them suitable for use in many outdoor activities. They have an elastic upper panel that will easily conform to the shape of your foot and make for the ideal fit. This also ensures that you can adjust them whenever you feel they are too tight or too loose. The soles also provide ample traction to ensure that you remain on your feet at all times.

Showers Pass Waterproof Socks

These socks promise to keep wet feet from messing up the great fun you are having outdoors. As it is the trend with waterproof socks, these too employ a three-layer construction that combines a variety of high-grade fabrics like spandex, polyester, and nylon.

They have a fitting design that will adapt to the shape of your foot and prevent blistering and soreness. The outer layer of the socks is wear-resistant, ensuring that you will use them for years to come.

This also helps them to retain their shape even after repeated washing. This layer is also coated with a DWR hydrophobic coating that keeps moisture from reaching your feet.

A breathable CoolMax interior lining allows sweat from your feet to wick out and has antibacterial properties that insure you against health hazards while preventing foot odor. With their mid-range price tag, you get value for your money when you buy these socks!

Questions & Answers

What are the Best Waterproof Socks?

From our research, we have found that ArcticDry Waterproof Socks are superior when it comes to performance and quality of materials used. The rest of the competitors aren’t shabby by any means, but ArcticDry really shines through with their products, and a high attention to detail. In our humble opinion here at Absolutehiking, the Best Waterproof Socks are ArcticDry Sportswear.


There you have it! AbsoluteHiking’s list of the very Best Waterproof Socks for 2020. We hope you found it useful and can use this article to choose your next pair of waterproof socks, fingers crossed! 😀

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