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Namaste: 4 Tips for Publishing Yoga Books

Did you know that an estimated 36 million Americans practice yoga on a regular basis?

Yoga is a great way to relax the mind and increase flexibility, but it’s also a popular topic to read about. With the interest in yoga only increasing, more and more authors are publishing yoga books and enlightening people about the art.

If you’re writing a yoga book and are curious about publishing it, you should consider these 4 insider tips before doing anything else. Keep reading to find out how you can make the best out of your publishing experience!

1. Self-Publish

Self-publishing is all the rage these days because anyone can do it. It cuts out the middle-man publishing company and allows the author to distribute and sell their books with little to no restraint.

Take a look at Amazon. Their book category is filled to the brim with self-published novels that are reaching a wide platform while earning the author’s royalties.

2. Traditionally Publish

While some authors prefer to self-publish, others prefer a more traditional route. To get your book traditionally published, a publishing company will have to buy the right to your novel. They will then distribute, market, and sell your book by their own means. 

With traditional publishing, your book is more likely to succeed and gain more recognition than with self-publishing.

One downfall to traditional publishing is that companies rarely work with debut authors, so if this is your first book, consider the first tip.

3. Hire an Editor

Before you even research yoga book publishers, it’s crucial that you hire and editor to make changes to your manuscript. Most successful books are backed by a quality editor! Here are a few options when it comes to the editing process:

  • Hire a freelancer through Fiverr or Upwork
  • Use collaborative tools such as Evernote or Google Docs
  • Take advantage of automated editing tools like Grammarly or Hemingway

An editor will objectively ensure that your manuscript is the best it can be. Trust their decisions!

4. Research the Market

Whether you’re planning on writing a yoga book about strategy and routine or Kundalini Awakening, always remember to research the market to know what’s selling and what’s popular.

If you want your book to be successful and well-received by your target audience, write what people want to read! Check out the bestseller lists each week and try to find common ground between all of the books that show up there.

Dig even deeper by reading the books that are top-sellers in your genre. By doing so, you’ll not only be learning more about your own topic but you’ll be opening your eyes to the best examples out there.

Be Confident When Publishing Yoga Books

Yoga. It’s an art that millions invest their time in, and those same people are just dying to read your book! Before you get around to publishing yoga books, remember these insider tips on how to make the most of your publishing experience. Namaste!

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