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Why You MUST Use Video for Your Online Ad Campaigns

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Gone are the days of traditional print and graphics – video marketing is now the norm and the unquestionable future of online ad campaigns.

And your business just can’t afford not to get on board.

Since the birth of Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, it’s easier now more than ever to create an unbelievable video ad to hook in your client base, reel them forward with your amazing offer and turn them into loyal customers.

It doesn’t matter where you place a video in your sales funnel. A well-produced, engaging video is a tried-and-tested way of piercing the scepticism of an increasingly cynical marketplace

Below, we’ll outline precisely why you MUST use video for your online ad campaigns – and why precisely you just can’t afford to “skip” these ads if you’re serious about growing your business (pardon the YouTube joke – we’re nerds).

  • People Like (and Therefore Watch) Videos

It sounds super simple but hey, it’s true!

According to Cisco’s Annual Internet Report, online videos are going to account for 82% of all online traffic by 2022.

It had previously been estimated that in 2021, your average joe would spend 100 minutes every single day watching online videos. This would be an increase of around 19% from 2019, which was around 84 minutes per day.

But that statistic was decided before a global pandemic, which forced everybody online! Nowadays, it’s been reported that 54% of consumers actually want to see video content  from a business they support (with people paying attention to awesome videos more than any other kind of medium)!

  • Videos are Incredibly Accessible

It’s easy to believe now that 90% of videos are watched on mobile phones. With the simple scroll of a fingertip, videos are more accessible to your customers than they’ve been at any time in the history of advertising.

But they’re not just accessible to your customers – they’re extremely accessible to you.

You don’t need a billion dollars to create an outrageously effective video – not every ad needs to be a Hollywood blockbuster trailer.

With the advent of amazing video software, stock footage and affordable video advertising specialists (hint: like us!), it’s easy to create inspirational, informative (and ultimately persuasive) videos that will convince your customers to click ‘Buy Now’.

  • Videos Attract Leads

The power of video advertising is that you can now specifically target those individuals most likely to buy.

If your amazing video makes some person scrolling through Facebook think, “Wow, I should really get in touch with these guys” – then bang¸ you’ve got yourself a lead!

Research has indicated that video marketers get a whopping 66% more leads every year.

And those aren’t just any leads – those are qualified leads (i.e. somebody who actually has the potential to be a customer, because you’ve nurtured them so much with your incredibly effective video ad).

  • Video Ads Make Money

There’s no question about it – the whole point of making an astonishing video ad isn’t to show off your wildly impressive filmmaking skills (although we all dream of a Hollywood career).

According to Tubular Insights, 64% of consumers will purchase a product or a service after watching a branded video on social media.

So it’s no surprise that marketers who put videos into their campaigns can boast 34% more conversion rates than those who don’t!

Ready to kickstart video for your online ad campaigns?

At Dimension Digital, we’ve produced scores of incredibly powerful videos for our clients’ online ad campaigns. With that unrivalled creative flair and technical expertise second-to-none, we’ll put together an online video ad campaign targeting your market with the aim of transforming them into paying customer.

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