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Mayhem Canyon Mineral Co. Launches Unique Crystals and Gemstones

Mayhem Canyon Mineral Co. is launching its new website, with a wide selection of Southwestern décor, housewares, accent pieces, and gemstones for sale. The family-run company is a one-stop e-commerce shop for incredible metal décor, jewelry, stoneware, and unique, authentic gemstones.


Golden Valley, AZ, January 13, 2023— Mayhem Canyon Mineral Co. is launching its newest and most unique collection of Southwestern style home goods in Golden Valley, Arizona. The characteristics of Southwestern Decor include ironwork, nature, earthy colors, and rustic accents. Mayhem Canyon offers its clients a selection of neutral, subtle, and bold décor pieces.

Mayhem Canyon Mineral Co. sells unique iron and steel décor. The Iron decor pieces are durable and aesthetically pleasing. Some of the iron and steel décor offered include accent pieces, furniture, and kitchenware. The décor pieces are suitable for both office and home spaces.

The company is also home to the world’s most precious metals. Mayhem Canyon Mineral Co. sells various gold and silver products. Customers can buy gold necklaces, bracelets, and rings. The silver products include different kinds of uniquely crafted earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings. Additionally, the company will have raw ore and specimens in gold and silver for sale later this year.
Mayhem Canyon Mineral Co. is working toward owning its own electric mining operation that will use Electric Vehicle (EV) bulldozers and excavators in the future. The EV equipment they plan to use will produce zero emissions, minimizing their impact on the environment.

“For now, we offer our customers iron, steel, and stone décor as well as gold, silver, and gemstones. However, our ultimate goal is to have a completely electric mining operation here in Arizona,” said Lindsey Chernoff, the company’s Head of Operations. “We want to build one of the most sustainable mines in the United States and your purchases will help us get there,” Chernoff further stated.

The company has different categories of gemstones to cater to the various needs of its clients. Raw gemstones are available for clients who want to polish and customize their gemstones to personal preferences. The company also offers both raw and polished gemstones in rings, necklaces, and pendants. The other forms of gemstones sold at Mayhem Canyon Mineral Co. include gorgeous specimens, as well as carved and tumbled gemstones.

Products from Mayhem Canyon Mineral Co. make beautiful gifts. They offer gems and crystals for rockhounds of all ages and they are on a mission to help create a new path for mining! You can purchase and help them to build and grow their real Arizona mine by visiting the company’s website

About Mayhem Canyon Mineral Co.:

Founded in 2018, they came together to build a brighter future for the coming generations. Mayhem Canyon Mineral Co. is made up of several families in the United States and across the world. Their mission is to create a forward-thinking and more environmentally conscious small-scale gold and silver mine in the United States. They strive to show that the technology of tomorrow can and will help change the way we access some of our most valuable resources.

Contact Information:

Organization: Mayhem Canyon Mineral Co.
Phone Number: 1(928)235-6568

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