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Top 3 Horse Training Tips for Beginners

Although domesticated, loving, and fun to be around, training and working with a horse requires different skills than most animals. Many riders think that because they are skilled in their sport, they automatically know what to do.

Horse training is a combination of understanding your animal, learning proper skills, and know the instincts a typical horse has. Armed with this information, you and your horse get to know one another and develop a deeper bond.

Learn more about important pointers to have when working with your horse. You’ll feel equipped to handle their needs and feel like a pro in no time.

Know Your Horse’s Age and Abilities

Before determining what horse training you want to focus on, know the age of your horse and what their current abilities are. Consider factors such as:

  • How old the horse is
  • What tricks or abilities they currently know
  • If you need to fine tune any tricks you’ve worked on with them

Are you trying to train your horse to wear a specific saddle that you prefer to ride on? Or do you have your sights set on competing in shows at some point?

Knowing what your end goals are when it comes to working with your horse helps you formulate a plan and focus on what’s important. If your horse is too young, you can focus on other training techniques until they are ready.

Understand Common Problems in Horse Training

When working with your horse, make sure you know what types of problems could arise. From not making enough time to practice, to needing a vet for an undiagnosed problem, there are many reasons your horse isn’t performing up to par.

If your horse appears lethargic or isn’t acting like their usual self, make a vet appointment to rule out any possible issues. For example, a horse that tosses its head often usually suffers from problems related to their teeth.

Some horses get upset when they leave their pasture mates, the way a small child reacts to leaving their friends. If you’re a beginner when it comes to horse training, seek help from someone with experience so you don’t accidentally create a bigger issue.

Make Sure Your Horse Masters Basic Techniques

There are some techniques that are worth knowing no matter what you and your horse plan on doing together. Some of the best tricks your horse can learn include:

  • Responding to a direct rein
  • Working with a neck rein
  • Doing fun tricks, such as giving a hug or kiss

If you’re trying to train your horse to jump or increase their speed, make sure you have enough space for them to do so. If you’re truly serious about riding and making time with your horse, learn about the benefits of Equestrian Real Estate.

Even if you plan to go riding just for fun, you can feel confident knowing your horse is fully trained no matter where you’re headed off to.

Learn More

From riding on your own to competing in a show, horse training is valuable to have no matter what your goals are.

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