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Man Sees Drowning Deer And Jumps Into Freezing Cold Water In Just His Boxers

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Deer are beautiful creatures, yet somehow, regardless of their beauty, they are always threatened. Hunters go out every winter trying to kill as many deer as possible. This often leaves mothers without their babies and babies without their mothers. Deer often cross the street, which puts them at risk of being hit by cars. The deer in this story was just a baby, and she needed help immediately. Fortunately, she had an unexpected hero.

Marc Headson

Marc Headson is a painter and a decorator from Gainsborough, Lincolnshire. He was out driving with his friend, Jamie Toyne, one day, going to pick up his daughter. On a typical day, Marc wouldn’t be on their stretch of highway. Instead, he would be at work. Because it was cold that day and it was raining heavy, Marc didn’t have to work. He decided to get some food with Jamie and then offered to pick up his daughter. Everything was going fine until Marc saw something in the water.


Marc was driving on the highway by a canal. Driving by, he saw something in the water. At first, he thought that it was a fish. He often fished in the canal, so he stopped to get a closer look at the size of the fish that was making such a big splash. When he got closer, he realized that it wasn’t a fish. It was actually a baby deer, struggling to stay afloat. Jamie sat as Marc got out of the car and took off his pants. He had no idea what his friend was doing. This man sees drowning deer, seconds after, he jumps into freezing cold canal in his boxers and is a hero.

Saving the Deer

When Marc had his shirt and pants off, he jumped into the stream and pulled out the baby deer. When Jamie realized what his friend was doing, he took out his phone and began recording the rescue. Marc was waist deep in the freezing water, trying to reach the baby deer. She was panicking, so Marc tried to soothe her by talking quietly so that he could get her out of the water.

On Land

When Marc got the baby deer up on land, he grabbed his jacket and his pants. He wasn’t getting his clothes to put them on due to the cold weather; he was getting them to wrap the deer up to keep her warm. Her body was wet and cold, and Marc didn’t know how long she had been out in the water. He wrapped her tightly in his arms and held her for a few minutes. When she got too heavy, he put her down on the ground, still wrapped in his clothing. The whole time, Marc was soaking wet, freezing, and standing in just his boxers.

Caring For the Deer

Marc and Jamie knew that the deer needed more help than they could give, so they were going to call an animal rescue group. First, they needed to get her out of the cold. Fortunately, they had a friend who lived nearby. They decided to bring her there so that she could be warm. They also gave her something to eat and drink while they waited for someone to come for her.

Posting On Social Media

While Marc and Jamie waited at their friend’s house for the deer to be picked up by the rescuers, Jamie decided to post the video of the rescue on Facebook. He says that it isn’t every day that someone does what Marc did to save an animal. It is also rare that someone is standing nearby to capture the whole thing on film.

Going Viral

It wasn’t long before the video of Marc’s selfless rescue went viral. Thousands of people had shared, liked, and commented on the post in just a few days. Most of the people who commented praised Marc for his quick thinking to save the baby deer from drowning. Most people called him a hero.

Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust

Jamie updated his post a few days later and revealed that the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust did arrive at their friend’s house shortly after they saved the baby deer. They were going to take her and nurse her back to help. When she gets a bit older, they plan to release her back into the wild in one of their nature reserves.

An Amazing Thing

What Marc and Jamie did for the baby deer that day was amazing. Had they not stopped to help, she likely would have tired or and drowned if she didn’t freeze to death first. Marc got out of the car, stripped down to his boxers, and jumped in the freezing cold stream to save the life of the deer. He was a true hero that day.

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