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Cultivating Tomorrow’s Entrepreneurs

Digitally based platform provided experienced coaching and guidance to business-focused young leaders.


KALISPELL, MT (March 2, 2022): A powerhouse pair of accomplished business professionals launch the Young Entrepreneurs Syndicate (YES) coach and mentor today’s emerging entrepreneurs and business leaders.

“The Answer is YES!” podcaster, life and business coach, professional off-road racer, and spirits guru (Ketel One Vodka, Azunia Tequila) Jim Riley has joined forces with acclaimed author Rod Kuntz (The W.A.R.P.A.T.H. Alliance) affiliate marketer, politician, and former sales professional. Together this powerful and dynamic team have architected the first membership-only private network that through an annual or monthly subscription provides a series of exclusive content plus access to:

– Library of video and audio lessons

– Weekly online video tutoring

– Group discussions

– Q & A’s through private social media platforms

Riley and Kuntz met on the political campaign trail in Kalispell, Montana and quickly realized their values and commitment to this country’s youth were aligned. Both men are committed to helping to close the gap of institutional learning post Covid by teaching time proven success strategies that can only be acquired outside the walls of academia.

According to a recent AP-NORC survey asking if the pandemic has made it harder to pursue their education or career goals:

46% of Gen Z said it has,

36% of Millenials said it has,

31% of GenX also said it has.

Only 66% of high school graduates enter college, and 40% of those drop out before completing a degree; that means there is a tremendous opportunity for young people to successfully establish themselves in venues outside of the conventional paradigm. As entrepreneurs, Riley and Kuntz understood that it was time to focus on this necessary paradigm shift. They also understand that depression and suicide are at an all-time high, their goal is to help bring purpose to those individuals that feel hopeless.

YES exists to help members: serve, be relentless, be available, succeed, and never quit.

YES offers the next generation tools and coaching that will assist them in decision-making skills, better choices, and help them focus on their talents and potential; erasing some of the malaise and despair many in the Gen Z and Millennial generations have endured.

The Young Entrepreneurs Syndicate will offer members four coaching sessions a month with live Question and Answer sessions on a subscription basis. Although the Syndicate is open to all, there is a limited enrollment period for the initial roll-out.

Scholarships are available thanks to the generous contribution of a variety of benefactors who also recognize the need for and importance of the YES mission.

About Young Entrepreneurs Syndicate: The Young Entrepreneur Syndicate (YES) is a digitally based platform to teach people aged 15 to 30+ about leadership and entrepreneurial skills. YES provides experienced support, motivation, mentoring, and management guidance to business-focused young leaders.

The YES learning program is geared toward multiple ages and learning styles. The YES program is designed for people with an interest in entrepreneurship, management, or looking for a career transition. For more information, please visit

About Jim Riley: Podcasts include The Answer is YES!, Liberty or Lose, and Live Life Driven. Author of “Freedom to say YES.” For more information, please visit

About Rod Kuntz: Author of “The W.A.R.P.A.T.H. Alliance,” “A Battle Plan to Discover,” “Develop, and Deploy Your Superpowers,” For more information, please visit

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