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How BCM One is leading the way in Microsoft Teams telephony transformation

Want to transform the way your organisation communicates?

Want your teams and your customers to interact seamlessly via voice, video and messaging?

Want to put clarity, confidence and reduced cost front and center as you take your first steps?

As the post-pandemic world of work goes more and more mobile, they are the big questions of the day – and US-based global mid-market managed services provider BCM One has the answers.

It is helping organisations across the United States and Canada modernise: moving them off outdated and inefficient old school telephony systems and onto NextGen cloud-based platforms that enable game-changing integration of Microsoft Teams.

It means low-cost voice and video calls over the internet; superfast and secure data transfer; and functionality previously only accessible in the office now at workers’ fingertips wherever they are, via their mobile device.

On paper, pushing the cloud button is a no brainer.

But that doesn’t mean it’s easy.

Organisations need a guiding hand to hold.

They take huge comfort from an appropriately-paced consultative approach to designing their Teams system.

It’s not just about the Teams licenses; it’s about full-blown collaboration: taking the native Teams system and supercharging it into a full-enterprise platform.

Organisations want the functionality they need today, future-proofed for tomorrow.

And they want to feel confident that the provider they choose has scale, expertise and a proven track record.

The market calls those kind of deliverables ‘differentiators’.

For BCM One, they are ever-present core values that are helping to transform the organisations with which it works.

“They set us apart, for sure,” says Senior Vice President of Sales Mike Nowak.

“These are big steps for any organisation to take and we pride ourselves on providing that expert guiding hand.

“Due to the pandemic and the way we have all had to change where and how we work, organisations have been dependent on Microsoft Teams for over a year now.

“That’s been great for video and messaging collaboration, but the next big step is to integrate voice calling too. That’s where the opportunities exist for those organisations, large, small and in particular those with multiple sites, to really change their game.

“That means moving from traditional telephony to a cloud-based system and, for many organisations, that represents a sea of chaos.

“The market is crowded and, rightly, they need to be confident they are being guided by the right provider and that the right plan which addresses their specific needs has been conceived.

“One size doesn’t fit all, which is why we take a consultative approach right from the start.

“What level of functionality is needed? What hardware do they currently have? Is that hardware Microsoft Teams certified and do they need to change it?

“For example, some Teams phones don’t have cameras and some devices don’t enable screen sharing.

“Our sales teams go through that initial checklist so that an informed judgment can be made on what is required.”

Additionally – and critically, BCM One owns, operates and develops its own SIP Trunking network; the technology which enables the transfer of voice, video and data over the internet, and on which everything depends.

“That means our SIP trunking is not a bolt-on but a core component of our offering,” says Nowak.

“It gives us levels of capacity and interoperability which other providers can’t offer.

“We can provide a dedicated cloud-based telephony system; or, via our Broadsoft UCaaS platform, we can act as an organisation’s alternative MS Teams telephony provider; or, as a third option, we can provide a blended solution that powers multiple stand-alone systems at the same time”

“Our customers control the pace of migration and integration and they can be confident that they will be able to adapt and scale with us in the future.”

Not that it’s just about the tech or the functionality.

BCM One is highly-renowned for its ‘always on’ reliability and service, underpinned by cutting edge network monitoring tools and high-performance Network Operations Centers.

It regularly records net promoter scores in the high eighties.

“We have many customers in the healthcare sector where the services we provide are mission-critical,” says Nowak.

“We have a reputation for reliability and that means customers stay with us.”

So, leveraging the power of Microsoft Teams to help transform your organisation need not be so chaotic after all.

You just need to reach out for the right hand…

To learn more about BCM One and how it can empower your organisation through its Voice Enabled Teams solution, visit BCM One.

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