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Making Septic Treatment a Sure Thing


Belmont, Western Australia, 7 January 2022— EcoCare Australia has been in the wastewater septic treatment business for over 20 years and now have the data to back up their success. The last three years have shown a 90% success rate in systems treated with their biological stimulant-based additives.

EcoCare monitors the progress of customers’ situations and the solutions provided to make sure problems are resolved, better understand the causes of these problems, and to improve their products.

90% of customers who were experiencing wastewater system odours, blockages or leach drain blockages had their problem resolved within 4 months. Over a thousand residential customer problems were tracked from across Australia with a wide range of system types.

Roger Dartnell, Managing Director of EcoCare said, “All types of wastewater systems can experience poor performance; septic smell and blockages are almost always the results of user behaviour. The key to success is having the right types of bacteria to digest waste – and enough of them.”

EcoCare attributes their success to a long-term commitment to product research and development, thorough testing and the experience of their consultants.

“Our products are focused on treating the underlying problems related to the biological conditions within a wastewater system, and our consultants make sure customers are getting what’s right for their problem. We have a range of specialty products to treat different issues so it’s important to apply the best solution,” added Roger.

EcoCare Australia provides biological stimulant-based additives and specialty bacteria to treat residential, commercial and industrial wastewater treatment systems. Their products treat thousands of homes across Australia as well as mining camps, hotels, national parks and agribusiness. EcoCare is Australian owned, operated and manufactured and have been in business for over 20 years.

ABOUT ECOCARE AUSTRALIA: Specialists in environmentally responsible wastewater management and cleaning products, we aim to make every wastewater and effluent treatment system in Australia healthy and sustainable. We do this by providing householders, businesses and industry alike with our expert knowledge and unique, environmentally responsible product solutions to get their system back on track both now and into the future.

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Dinesh Ranawaka
EcoCare Australia
40 Hargreaves St, BELMONT, WA 6104


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