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how to start a real estate business

How to Start a Real Estate Business in 5 Easy Steps

Real estate appeals to many people seeking a flexible schedule and endless commission, but opening a firm can be far from glamorous.

The real estate market is constantly changing and your business must be prepared for the ebbs and flows.

However, it’s an incredibly rewarding experience. This article will give you some key insight into starting a real estate business.

Create A Business Plan

The first step to a successful real estate business is a detailed business plan. A business plan will help you organize your thoughts and create a tangible set of goals to achieve.

A comprehensive business plan needs these sections:

  • Opportunity
  • Executive Summary
  • Execution
  • Team and Company
  • Financial Plan

Once you’ve outlined your business plan, you’ll be able to consult your lawyer, accountant, and fellow associates to help you put it into action.

Find A Mentor

It truly is lonely at the top and without the proper guidance, your real estate firm can crash and burn. It’s important to find a mentor that has built a firm from the ground up to help you deal with the growing pains of starting your own business.

They can also help you by expanding your professional network. They may introduce you to potential buyers and help you recruit workers. To stay in the loop, attend networking events and reach out to former employees, co-workers, and alumni.

Develop the Right Marketing Strategy

Marketing is everything for a new business. Your target audience needs to know who you are and how you can help them purchase the home of their dreams.

As a new firm, you’ll need to recruit marketing associates that understand the real estate market and know innovative ways to reach your demographic.

Your business plan should include a brief section that details some of your marketing ideas. Once you’ve built your team, you need to put that plan into action by creating marketing campaigns.

You should also set aside a marketing budget to take care of all related expenses such as marketing materials and research.

Get Certified

By law, all real estate brokers must pass an exam and sometimes obtain a license to practice in their state. In addition to your real estate certification, you must also register your business.

This includes getting a Tax ID, registering the company name and applying for business permits.

Your lawyer and accountant may have to walk you through this process. Your business’ registration as a corporation or a partnership affects your tax status.

While applying for your federal tax ID, the government will ask what type of business you operate, your involvement with trusts, and real estate/mortgage investments.

You’ll also need your tax ID to register for business licenses.


Real Estate is a money-making industry, but you need to invest in your business before you see any real profit. Remember, you have overhead costs, employees and other expenses to worry about.

If you want to learn how to start a real estate business like Myers & Myers Real Estate, understand it takes a lot of time and investment.

You should consider getting liability insurance to protect yourself. Starting a real estate business requires a steady stream of cash flow.

It’s a good idea to start saving for your business and find some investors to help with initial costs.

More Tips on How to Start A Real Estate Business

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