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How to Lose Weight (Without Going on a Diet!)

Did you know losing weight is the #1 new year’s resolution for 2017?

Yes, 21.4 percent of Americans can’t help but resolve to shed some pounds gained over the festive season.

But, losing weight the healthy way is easier said than done. A simple how to lose weight search on Google pulls up several methods to cut those pounds, including going on a diet.

Truth be told, dieting sucks. And, it really isn’t the best way to get weight off. Today, we’re revealing tips on how to lose weight without going on a diet.

Let’s dig in!

Eat Less

If you want to lose weight without staying away from your favorite meals, you’ve got to eat less. This prevents you from taking in more calories than your body can burn.

So, how do you eat less?

Use smaller plates for your meals. It’s hard to serve small portions on large plates because we naturally love our plates full.

Drinking one or two glasses of water before eating also helps. This tricks your tummy into feeling full.

You can also try eating using your non-dominant hand. If you’re left-handed, for instance, use your right hand. This way, you will eat more slowly and remain mindful of your meal.

Slow eating can help you feel fuller faster. The faster you feel full, the higher your chances of kicking that plate away (with some food on it).

How About Eating with a Partner?

Our partners can influence our eating habits.

But, the biggest beneficiaries of this weight loss hack are ladies.

Well, if you’re a lady, you want to cut the image of a delicate and soft person, especially when you’re in the company of men. Can we agree smashing a plateful of food in their presence isn’t good for your image? Right, you get it!

In a 2013 study, the Journal of Applied Social Psychology established that college women purchased fewer calories when in the company of male students!

So, if you’re a lady, eating with men more often can help you lose weight without dieting.

Dinners Out? Stay Away

An average restaurant meal contains about 1200 calories. Worse, 92 percent of restaurant meals are high-calorie meals.

This is bad news, especially when you’re trying to decrease your calorie intake in order to lose weight.

Perhaps you are thinking, “Well, I can go for a dinner out and have a small bite!”

Let’s be honest: Nobody goes out for dinner to have a small bite, particularly if you’re out with friends.

Can you afford sitting there as they sample chunks of exotic steak? My guess is you will start with a bite and before you know it, you’ve taken a whole plate.

However, you can still have occasional dinners out. Just be disciplined, and be sure to go out with people who’re also committed to losing weight.

Combine Your Diet Efforts with Physical Activity

To get the best out of your new dieting style, combine it with some physical activity.

No, you don’t have to hit the gym like a fitness maniac.

Start simple. Jog or bike around the neighborhood, walk to the park, join a dance class or go swimming.

In Conclusion…

Going on diet is challenging and it has its disadvantages.

If implemented incorrectly, it can cause a decrease in body metabolism, extreme hunger, loss of macronutrients and dehydration.

You don’t have to risk all that. With these weight loss secrets, you can shed those pounds without sticking to a diet plan.

What’s your take on losing weight without going on diet? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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