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Scott Nolen & Pest Friends of Tucson Celebrate 1 Year of Success! -Tucson, AZ


Tuscon, AZ, April 22, 2021 – The City of Tucson could have its next major Pest Control Brand brewing in the Tucson Foothills! A little over 1 year ago, Scott Nolen partnered with 3 other Tucson Business Leaders to create Pest Friends. They are referred to as Tucson’s Modern Pest Control Company. Modern Pest Control is based on their self-designed, LON-C delivery approach, which stands for “Low or No Chemical” Pest Control strategies.

When asked, John Smalley, President and CEO said “This version of pest control is exactly why we started Pest Friends and it has led to a robust 1st Year of growth for the company. Clients no longer want a one size fits all approach for their homes. If there are areas where you don’t need chemicals, don’t use chemicals. If there are areas where you need to use traditional pest control to control the problem, do it. You can do both on the same house. Our goal is to have the most positive impact on the Family, The House, and the Eco System at the same time. As we continue to add technology and data, it will only get better!”

Area Manager, Salomon Canastillo said that he joined the company for its “Work to Own Option” but loves everything about the entire mindset towards Modernizing Pest Control. That to me is an absolute must if you want to hire the best technicians”. Pest Friends offers “Small Business Training” to its Pest Technicians who achieve at high levels and offers them the ability to own the routes and the zip codes, that they develop. Mr. Canastillo is clatter in their career path. Mr. Canastillo is currently working on his opportunity and is well on his way to being an owner of Pest Friends.

When asked what he thinks is the biggest problem with Tucson pest control, Scott Nolen stated “Tucson will always have termites, cockroaches, scorpions, etc.., but I believe the biggest challenge, especially for the Tucson Foothills, is Pack Rats. They are a growing problem that is outpacing the national average at a significant pace. They are also associated with the kissing bug which we believe is a much bigger threat than is currently acknowledged in Southern, Arizona. The University of Arizona put out a report recently supporting similar beliefs.

Scott stated “Pest Friends does not believe in Rodenticides or Poisoning the Pack Rat, via the secondary impact it has on Family Pets, as well as the Hawks and Snakes that nature put in place to help monitor the issues. LON-C Pest Control is the right way to do Pest Control going forward. Our clients and community largely agree that we have to change the way the industry works.”

Pest Friends of Tucson is a Pest, Rodent, and Termite Control company, based and owned out of Tucson, AZ. The company currently operates out of the Tucson Foothills and surrounding areas. Pest Friends has aggressive expansion plans throughout the State of Arizona and multiple other parts of the country. You can learn more about Pest Friends @, you can call or text them at 520.999.2847, or you can email them at [email protected].

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