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LegalStream Debuts New Personal Injury Tool

Tech startup LegalStream debuts a Hybrid CRM/Project Management tool to a primitive personal injury industry.


San Antonio, TX, December 27, 2022— Personal injury cases can be complex and frustrating for all parties involved. In personal cases, there are many different points of contact, and more often than not, communication between all these parties is not optimal.

This is where LegalStream comes in. LegalStream has designed one of the most innovative personal injury resources of all time. With LegalStream, all parties involved in a personal injury case can communicate with each other through one platform.

From claimants to attorneys to healthcare providers, everyone can be on the same page with LegalStream. The result is a more efficient process that can lead to a resolution faster than ever.

Stakeholders can save as much as 60 hours a month by using LegalStream.

“LegalStream has really changed the way personal injury cases are resolved. I have been in this industry for over 20 years, and I notice a significant difference with LegalStream,” said one attorney.

LegalStream can help connect you with a personal injury attorney to save you the headache of finding an attorney that is right for you.

With LegalStream’s online directory, you can easily search from and select the right attorney to review your case. Once connected, you will have access to your case anywhere at any time right at your fingertips.

Once you find an attorney, you will fill out a brief questionnaire providing the specifics of your case. With this information in hand, your attorney is ready to represent you!

It is through LegalStream that you can receive important updates from your attorney or medical service providers.

“With my case, I was so intimidated and downright terrified. But thanks to LegalStream, I was able to easily find a great attorney who went to bat for me. I couldn’t imagine this process without LegalStream!” said one claimant.

The best part is that LegalStream will not break the bank for anyone. Claimants are able to use LegalStream for FREE!

Legal teams and health care professionals have a few different packages to choose from, with each one offering different services.

For more information, you can visit the LegalStream website where you can view further details about services provided as well as the knowledge manager center which provides further resources.

Check LegalStream out today!

About LegalStream:

Established in 2019, LegalStream is a software company based out of San Antonio, Texas that aims to improve one of the most important aspects in a personal injury case; communication. LegalStream offers a forward-thinking solution that breaks the barriers of traditional communication between all parties in a personal injury case. LegalStream is a SaaS platform designed to seamlessly connect stakeholders in the personal injury space in a HIPAA-compliant, modernized system. LegalStream allows attorneys, healthcare providers and facilities, and claimants to manage their entire case in one platform; expediting the personal injury case resolution process and savings stakeholders up to 60 hours a month by eliminating antiquated processes.

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Carlo Aranibar
21750 Hardy Oak Blvd Ste 102 San Antonio, TX 78258

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