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Rings and Shiny Things: A Guide to Buying Valentine’s Day Jewelry

Cupid’s arrow is ready to strike which means you may be in a scramble for the perfect gift that tells her how much you care. You’ve considered chocolates and roses, but you want to do more.

You can never go wrong with Valentine’s Day jewelry.

Not every piece has to break the bank, either. You can tell her how much you love her with a simple pendant as you can with a Rolex watch. Rest assured, she’ll love both! 

But, what should you buy?

If you’re running in circles as the day draws near, we’re here to help. We’ve got sine tips and ideas for making this Valentine’s Day extra special — and shiny! 

The Valentine’s Day Jewelry Classic: An Engagement Ring

Valentine’s is one of the most popular times for a proposal, for obvious reasons. If you’re not interested in being “extra,” the most obvious gift is an engagement ring. Sure, a lot of engagements happen on Valentine’s Day, but it doesn’t mean you should change your plans if this is the day you really want to pop the question.

If it’s a surprise, you need to know some things ahead of time. Find out which diamond cut is her favorite, if she prefers gold or silver, and if she likes a solitaire or a cluster. 

Most jewelers will have plenty to choose from, so arm yourself with the knowledge of her preferences before walking through the door. You should also know what you’re comfortable spending. You don’t want to get overwhelmed and make a regrettable purchase.

Valentine’s Day Bracelet

A Valentine’s bracelet is the perfect opportunity to tell someone special how much they mean to you. It’s also a jewelry gift that can say a little or a lot.

For instance, a bracelet filled with charms of places you’ve visited will win you a ton of brownie points. Or, you can go a different route and get her a tennis bracelet instead.

Bracelets — like a Valentine’s necklace for her — are versatile. They’re great gifts whether you’re a new couple or have been married for decades. To make bracelets or necklaces more personal, consider getting the piece engraved.

Buy From a Trustworthy Jeweler

It’s not a secret that the value of jewelry is all over the place. That’s because, unfortunately, the quality isn’t always the same. You can buy a diamond ring online and find the same thing in a store for 3X the price you paid. 

You may feel like you found a great deal, but what you could end up with is overpaying for a chunk of cheap metal. That’s the last impression you want to give your special someone! 

So, whether it’s a watch for you or a bracelet for her, only buy your jewelry from a trusted jeweler. 

More Tips, Hacks, and How-To’s

If you want to go with a classic gift, you can’t go wrong with any of these Valentine’s Day jewelry ideas. Whether you’re hoping she says “Yes!” or you’re celebrating 50 years together, jewelry makes everyone feel special. 

Two of the most important keys to remember is to make sure the piece you’re buying is real. The second is to only buy from a trusted jeweler. This makes it easier if you need the piece resized or exchanged. 

In the long run, you may spend more on the purchase but you’ll have peace of mind. For most people, this is worth its weight in gold

For more tips, hacks, and how-to’s read more articles on our blog. 

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