Are you considering a move once you retire? You’re in good company. Around 64% of retirees will move at least once after they’ve retired.

The hard part is deciding between the best cities to retire. There are several factors to consider before making your decision.

Do you want to live in a retirement community with other people your age?

Do you want a fresh start somewhere you’ve never lived before?


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How active do you plan on being in your retirement? Do you need a city that provides a lot of activity options? Will you be doing these activities in nature or indoors?

What is your ideal climate? Do you want sunshine all year round? Or are you hoping to retire somewhere with four distinct seasons?

Once you start answering these questions, you can hone in on a smaller list of potential new cities.

We’ve taken the liberty of collecting five popular cities to consider retiring to. Keep reading to see if one of these resonates with you.

1. Prescott, Arizona

Prescott is a charming little mountain town. Its prime location means plenty of outdoor activities for active seniors. Whether you like hiking or kayaking, there are always physical activities to enjoy.


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The annual film festival will be attractive to movie buffs. Meanwhile, the historic downtown will bring back memories of yesteryears.

Climate-wise, Prescott is cooler than much of Arizona during the summer months. This is due to its higher elevation. So, if you’re leary about blistering hot summers, Prescott could be ideal.

Arizona is also tax-friendly towards its retirees. Property taxes are low, and military, civil, and government pensions can be exempt up to $2,500.

Population: 42,731

Share of Population 65+: 26.8%

2. Carlsbad, California

Carlsbad is the best city to retire for people who’ve always wanted to live by the ocean. Also known as The City by the Sea, Carlsbad is chock full of sunshine – 263 days of it every year. If you want to spend your golden years soaking up the sun on sandy beaches, this is the best place to do it.

Though it’s considered a city, Carlsbad still maintains a quiet, small-town atmosphere. The charming downtown area is full of quaint cafes, bookstores, and locally-owned shops. If you’re looking for a lot of green space, there’s plenty of parks for you to enjoy, too.

Some of the nation’s top retirement communities are located in Carlsbad, too. If you want to live the resort-style life, you’ll want to check them out.

Population: 115,887

Share of Population 65+: 16%

3. Venice, Florida

Though it would be nice to retire in the other well-known Venice, settling down in Florida isn’t so bad.

You’ll find this small retirement community on the Gulf of Mexico. It may not be Italy, but its many canals and rivers will make you feel like it is.

Between its parks and beaches, you can always find something to do. And because it’s close to Sarasota, you’ll never feel too far away from the big city action

Population: 23,020

Share of Population 65+: 57.5%

4. Denver, Colorado

Denver is a beautiful and picturesque place to retire. Imagine seeing the Rocky Mountains loom overhead every day. Picture yourself exploring its 200 different parks that span over 5000 acres.

Denver is a very walkable city. But, it also has a comprehensive transit system for those who can’t handle long distances.

Do you want to be able to experience all four seasons during your retirement years? Denver might be the perfect city to consider settling down in.

Population: 2,932,415

Share of Population 65+: 11.3%

5. Augusta, Georgia

Augusta is a very affordable city to retire to. It’s close to the South Carolina border and is the state’s second-biggest metropolis.

Known for being the home of the Masters golf tournament, Augusta is a dream retirement destination for golf lovers. Never held a club in your life? That’s okay; there are plenty of things to do in this city, aside from golfing.

Active retirees will love walks or bikes alongside the canal. Water lovers might even dabble in kayaking the Savannah River.

Those with health issues will love the top-notch health care here. There are several hospitals and specialists dedicated to senior health. This city is more than prepared to deal with aging Americans.

Population: 197,166

Share of Population 65+: 11.3%

Affording Retirement 101

Ready for a scary statistic?

Twenty-percent of people 65 and older have not yet retired. Many cannot afford to.

Your golden years should be full of fun and memories in a city you’re excited to live in. If you’ve made bad financial decisions in your life, retiring at 65 may not be possible.

There are some things you can do to ensure you enjoy every last drop of your retirement.

First of all, take charge of your finances. It’s never too late. A professional can help you get back on track.

Rebuild your credit if it’s taken a hit over the years. You’ll good credit standings to buy your new home or travel the world as you’ve planned. A good credit score can even help lower car or home insurance premiums in some states.

Pay off your debts as soon as you can. Dealing with your credit card debts will help your credit score, too.

The next step is determining how much money you’ll need for retirement. Do you have enough in savings to complement the lifestyle you want for your retired years? Use online calculators to get a rough idea of how much you’ll need.

It’s not impossible to have the retirement of your dreams. You just need to be proactive while you can.

Take Your Pick of the Best Cities to Retire in

We only covered five of the best cities to retire in, but there are plenty more in America. There are many factors at play, and choosing where to move is not a decision to take lightly.

Remember, there’s more to retirement than choosing where you’ll live. Your financial woes should be taken care of before you consider retiring. Whether you need to address bad credit or debt consolidation, our team can help. Contact us today to find out how we can make your retirement dreams a reality.

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