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Klean Books Brings a New Approach To Bookkeeping Through Its Virtual Services

Outsourcing bookkeeping is about to change for most businesses around California, Oklahoma, and Texas, thanks to Klean Books. The firm helps entrepreneurs save time and money by offering virtual bookkeeping, payroll management, tax management, business formation, and compliance. With as low as $189 per month, business owners can delegate the work to Klean Books and concentrate on running and scaling their companies. Learn more here.


Moore, OK, April 18, 2022— Bookkeeping keeps businesses organized and planned for the future. Companies also relate well with banks, investors, employees, suppliers, and distributors when their records are up to date. However, maintaining a bookkeeping department can be expensive for a firm. Outsourcing bookkeeping gives entrepreneurs a chance to enjoy the benefits of bookkeeping while saving money and time.

Firms have been skeptical about outsourcing bookkeeping and other services due to security and high costs. Klean Books has introduced a new approach that helps small businesses safely outsource their bookkeeping at a fraction of the regular price. Through this offer, entrepreneurs shall work with a team of bookkeeping experts committed to understanding other businesses and helping them succeed through excellent bookkeeping, tax services, and payroll.

“Running a business is easier when you have extra hands to handle all the accounting, taxation, and payroll headache. Our bookkeepers are Xero and Quickbooks certified, guaranteeing you the best quality and well-organized records. Entrust your books to us to categorize, reconcile and review your financials all year round. With accurate reports, you will be ready to file when tax season comes around,” explained Juan Gonzalez, Klean Books owner.

Outsourcing bookkeeping services is not always cheap, and most small businesses shy away from it due to financial constrictions. After all, no company wants to run on loss or use all its profits to pay for such services. Klean Books have established itself as the best bookkeeping partner for small businesses, offering Affordable Monthly Bookkeeping. Prices start at a flat rate of $189 per month, with no additional hidden charges.

Running a business 24/7 can overwhelm entrepreneurs leaving no time to update the books or balance records. Through catchup bookkeeping, a firm like Klean Books helps streamline all the records, create organized data, and help firms visualize their finances.

“Our catchup bookkeeping model is modern and comprehensive to help you keep track of your business’s health. Lagging in bookkeeping can make you feel like your financials are in shambles. We remove all the frustration and stress from your hands and take up the role of updating and balancing your books. Let us evaluate your books, inform you on what needs to be done and catch up on your books to date. In worst-case scenarios, we can rebuild your books from scratch,” added Gonzalez.

A Monthly Bookkeeping Service helps businesses keep track of their monthly cash flow to balance revenue streams and expenditures. It also keeps tax records clear, making it easier for the firm to file its taxes according to income and expenses. Moreover, monthly bookkeeping keeps the business prepared for audits and helps notice errors and frauds.

About Klean Books: Klean Books is a bookkeeping service offering virtual bookkeeping, payroll management, tax preparation, catch-up bookkeeping, accounts payable, and accounts receivable services. It provides financial and accounting services to clients in beauty, interior design, construction, event planning, medical clinics, and other small businesses. The firm offers its services in California, Oklahoma, and Texas.

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