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What Bugs Can You Keep as Pets?

Are you currently searching for a new pet? If you’re allergic to cats or dogs, try avoiding traditional pets.

The good news is plenty of unusual and exciting insects and arachnids to keep as pets. Whether you want something a little exotic and fun or want to learn more about the animal kingdom, there is a pet bug for everyone.

This guide discusses common household pet bugs and other creatures you can keep in your home. Read on.

Hissing Cockroach

The hissing cockroach is an interesting bug to keep as a pet. Its fascinating behavior and unique appearance make it an insect that people can enjoy observing. These insect pets are native to Madagascar; their body shape, size, and color can vary.

When these cockroaches get startled or feel threatened, they will hiss by pushing air out of their breathing holes. They have jointed bodies and like to hide in dark and damp places, and they usually live for 2-3 years. If this bug fits you, there are hissing cockroaches for sale online that you can check.

Ant Farm

Ant farms are unique and educational pet for people looking for something unusual. They are transparent containers filled with soil or sand, allowing viewers to observe ants’ fascinating behavior as they dig tunnels, collect food and establish living areas. Ant farms are an excellent way to teach your children about ecology, animal habits, and the food chain.

Choosing an ant species that is easy to care for and can survive in captivity is essential. It is because ants are not the best pets for everyone; their behavior can be unpredictable, and their care requires dedication. 


Tarantulas are spiders that many people keep as pets due to their small size and easy maintenance. Tarantulas are easy to care for and can live up to 30 years in captivity. They do not require a lot of space or supplies, and their diet consists mainly of insects.

They are usually docile and can even be handled to some degree. Tarantulas come in different shapes, sizes, and colors and can also be kept in aquariums or terrariums. Housing tarantulas can vary depending on the species, but they typically do best in an environment with high humidity and temperatures around 80°F. 

Praying Mantis

Praying mantes are fascinating and beautiful creatures that are often kept as pets. Although they are difficult to nurture, mantis lives long and can provide hours of entertainment and educational opportunities. Praying mantis are carnivores and need a diet of appropriately sized, live prey.

They will eat insects such as crickets, flies, and mealworms that can be purchased from pet stores. Praying mantis, if kept correctly, can live anywhere from 6-9 months or even longer if they can hibernate adequately. They are relatively low-maintenance and can be a fun, educational pet for households of all sizes. 

Choose the Pet Bugs That’s Right for You

Bugs can make enjoyable and unique pets as they are entertaining to watch and generally low-maintenance. If you want to try a “pet bug” experience, research the type of bug you want to keep and invest in appropriate habitat and food supplies. With some care and knowledge, you’ll be sure to create a safe and fun environment for your new pet bugs!

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