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7 Facts About Marijuana That Will Have You High on Knowledge

Whether you’ve never smoked or think you know everything there is to know, marijuana has a long and strange history.

Just when you think you’ve heard it all, you come across new facts about marijuana. 

With more legal places to buy it, researchers are learning more about how it affects the body – good and bad.

It’s 4:20, read on to learn some things you might not know about marijuana.

1. 420 Fun Facts

Whether or not you smoke, you’ve probably heard of April 20th. It’s the day many Americans gather to smoke and celebrate marijuana.

Some myths about the origins say it was a police code, but no one has ever found that link. 

Steven Hager, who was the editor of a news outlet dedicated to news about marijuana, shared its origins

  • A group of high school students nicknamed the Waldos for meeting regularly near a wall in the 1970s where they smoked marijuana daily at 4:20 pm
  • The news about this spread, as did the ritual leading to 420 being code for marijuana
  • Eventually, 4:20 or 420 became 4/20, and the holiday was born

2. What’s In a Name?

Around the world, there are different slang names for marijuana. All in all, there are over 200 of them. You may know it as marijuana, weed, pot, or grass, but around the world, every culture has its slang name.

Here are some of them:

  • Mary Jane (US)
  • Skunk (UK)
  • Zoot (UK)
  • Hooch (Australia)
  • Ganja (Australia, US, Asia)
  • Bhang (India)
  • Dagga (South Africa)
  • Wiet (Netherlands)
  • Gras (Germany)
  • Dope (Ireland)
  • Maja (Sweden)
  • Hash (Philippines)
  • Rev (Norway)

The list goes on, and every place has a distinct name for it. 

3. What’s Your Favorite Blend Called?

If you drink coffee, you might prefer Colombian Blend or Brazilian. Marijuana has a lot of exotic varieties, too. Are you a Purple Haze love, or perhaps it’s Green Crack for you?

Unusual names for marijuana crops go back to the 1970s when Maui Waui was all the rage from Hawaii. Every strain has its characteristics, like the difference between Sativa and Indica. One is uplifting, and the other relaxes.

Some of the popular strains are called:

  • Godfather OG – is an Indica dominant hybrid rated as having 34% (or more) of THC
  • Chemdawg – accord to its lore, it is a cross of Thai and Nepalese Sativa
  • Irish Cream – is another Indica strain that is a cross of the Real McCoy and Cookies and Cream strains
  • White Tahoe Cookies – it is also an Indica dominant strain and big on the west coast
  • Strawberry Banana – touted as the strain that tastes like a desert is an Indica dominant strain and a cross of Crocket’s Banana Kush and Strawberry Bubblegum

4. What Color Is It?

Ask anybody, and they’ll say weed is green. Maybe we think because it’s the plant known as grass, it must be green. Still, in terms of energy, that’s not the case.

Those who worry about the environment and carbon footprints know that marijuana production costs us a lot in electricity. The amount of energy that is needed to grow about 2 pounds of it is about the same as what’s required to drive cross-country five times in a car that gets 44 miles to the gallon.

Of course, growing the plants outdoors could reduce the plants growing carbon footprint. Still, industrial growers are usually in warehouses and greenhouses due to meet the year-round demand requirements. New innovative greenhouses are being developed, which could help make weed greener, but large-scale marijuana industries will require massive amounts of energy.

5. Muggles Anyone?

These days, if you mention muggles, it conjures up visions of Harry Potter films. Even though Author J.K. Rowling chose muggles for non-magical humans, in the 1920s, it had a very different meaning. Renown artists from Bing Crosby to Louis Armstrong all knew marijuana as muggles back then.

J.K. Rowling had no idea of the relation between the word muggles when she wrote the Harry Potter stories. 

6. Mood Boosters – Chocolate or Mary Jane?

Many know that there are receptors in the brain that promote anandamide. What’s that you may wonder. This chemical boosts your mood and you feel happier.

Where can you find it? We know that chocolate, and marijuana both cause a boost in anandamide.

What’s more, you don’t need to smoke a joint to get these effects; you can use CBD oil, which doesn’t cause you to get high, but still gives you that mood boost. If you don’t have any weed around, break out a chocolate bar.

7. Clearing the Air

It’s happened to the best of us. Been hanging out with friends smoking, and suddenly, the family wants to come over. Your apartment still stinks of weed, but how do you get rid of it? 

You know air fresheners do nothing but add to it, making for an unusual odor all together.

Don’t panic. You’ve got this. Grab a rag and soak it with white vinegar, ring it out, so it doesn’t drip.

Then whip it around like a lasso. It absorbs the odors as it goes, removing all the smells from the air. 

Final Facts About Marijuana

Marijuana has been around for over 8000 years, and over fifty percent of American adults claim they have tried or are using it during recreation. It is a new trend that people are openly speaking about their use of it, and it used to be that people would never admit it before.

From ancient civilizations, the elite were connoisseurs depicted in stone for historians to see. With knowledge, things changed and marijuana became a bad thing. The winds of time again are shifting or so it seems.

What’s Next in the High Life

Whether your jam is Sativa for its energizing properties or Indica, some say it’s not about the leaf but comes down to the THC and CBD in them. Which one is right for you? The facts about Marijuana vary and most say trial and error seem to be the best method to find out.

Marijuana is a personal experience that leads us on a unique journey. Deciding which strain is right for you is, too. Learning more about each strain’s differences will help you understand what qualities you need to look for before lighting up.

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