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How to move to Spain after Brexit

Moving to Spain used to be pretty straight forward but with Brexit supposedly getting ever closer many people are asking ‘how can I move to Spain after Brexit’?

Well nothing is for sure at the moment but it is our belief that not too much will change with regard to legislation, but there will be additional procedures and standards that British nationals will need to adhere to when relocating to Spain, and you can expect it to take longer to gain resident status as more checks are made.

The advance moves international removals team have put together a comprehensive guide on all aspects of the current legislation and procedures required to move to Spain, and then to gain resident status to live in Spain. The guide can be found on the advance moves website on the moving to Spain page, where there is a wealth of information at your finger tips on exactly what you need to be doing to become a legal resident in Spain. Just about everything you need to know is covered, from obtaining your NIE, to health care, residency, employment, schooling, driving license’s, car and motorcycle transfers, banking and general living requirements.

Also on the advance moves site is a quick quote system that allows you to enter minimal information to obtain an instant online quotation for a removal to Spain or from Spain to the UK. You can use this to budget for your removal costs and obtain up to 5 quotes from independent removal companies that operate a UK to Spain removals service.

Essentially Spain is still very keen to have British nationals visit and live in Spain as long as there is a reciprocal agreement for Spanish nationals to live and work in the UK. Both countries are keen to reach an agreement that allows their citizens to continue, as before, in some shape or form.

Spain has already tightened its procedures and requirements with regard to gaining resident status and it appears that the Spanish authorities are intent on making sure that any British nationals wanting to live in Spain have sufficient financial funds to support themselves and not to be a burden on the Spanish state. Currently anyone wishing to obtain resident status will need to prove that they have an income of at least 700 Euros per month.

At the moment the entire process of gaining resident status is taking longer to complete as there is a rush of expats trying to legalise themselves in Spain before Brexit actually occurs. At the bottom of the advance moves moving to Spain help and information page is a link to a highly recommended English speaking translator and legal advisor who can help guide you through the actual process of gaining residency to live in Spain.

The important thing for anyone thinking of moving to Spain or currently living in Spain without legal resident status is to start getting your house in order as soon as possible. These things take time (currently at least 6 months just to get an appointment to apply for residency) so the sooner you start the better. There is also a lot of paperwork to obtain and present and if one article is incorrect or missing then further delays occur.

So if you are looking for the good life in Spain you need to start as soon as you can. It might seem like a lot to do to live in a new country but believe us……’s worth it.

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